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Expand Abbreviation

Expands CSS-like abbreviations into HTML/XML/CSS code, depending on current document’s syntax. Also performs other context actions, for example, transforms CSS Gradient.

<html> <head> <title>Demo</title> </head> <body> | </body> </html></p> <pre><code>tooltip: Type a CSS-like abbreviation type: #page>(#header>ul#nav>li*4>a)+(#content>h1{Hello world}+p)+#footer wait: 1000 tooltip: Run “Expand Abbreviation” action ::: “Expand Abbreviation” (Tab key) run: emmet.expand_abbreviation </textarea> Generated output contains a number of _tabstops_ and if your editor supports them (Eclipse, Sublime Text 2, Espresso etc) you can quickly traverse between them with Tab key. In some editors (Eclipse, Sublime Text 2, CodeMirror) “Expand Abbreviation” can be invoked with Tab key. </code></pre>