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Toggle Comment

This action, as name says, toggle comment on selection. Almost all programmer’s text editors have such action, but this one works differently. When there’s no selection, editor’s action toggles comment on current line while Emmet’s one do this on current context. For HTML it’s a full tag, for CSS it’s a rule or full property.

<textarea class="movie-def"> <sty|le> body { padding: 10px; color: black; } </style> @@@ tooltip: {text: 'When invoked with no selection in HTML document, “Toggle Comment” action matches full tag', wait: 7000} wait: 500 run: {command: 'emmet.toggle_comment', times: 2, beforeDelay: 1000} ::: “Toggle Comment” (Cmd-/) wait: 1000 moveTo: 1:3 wait: 1000 tooltip: In CSS, it toggles comment on rule or full property, depending on caret position run: {command: 'emmet.toggle_comment', times: 2, beforeDelay: 1000} wait: 1000 moveTo: 2:11 wait: 1000 run: {command: 'emmet.toggle_comment', times: 2, beforeDelay: 1000} </textarea>