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Add 3D transforms properties
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sergeche committed Oct 27, 2013
2 parents 4f35f20 + b955d76 commit 14f89afc1d4fd5cfc730d12d36ee419f186895b8
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@@ -474,10 +474,17 @@
"trf:sc": "transform: scale(${1:x}, ${2:y});",
"trf:scx": "transform: scaleX(${1:x});",
"trf:scy": "transform: scaleY(${1:y});",
+ "trf:scz": "transform: scaleZ(${1:z});",
+ "trf:sc3": "transform: scale3d(${1:x}, ${2:y}, ${3:y});",
"trf:r": "transform: rotate(${1:angle});",
+ "trf:rx": "transform: rotateX(${1:angle});",
+ "trf:ry": "transform: rotateY(${1:angle});",
+ "trf:rz": "transform: rotateZ(${1:angle});",
"trf:t": "transform: translate(${1:x}, ${2:y});",
"trf:tx": "transform: translateX(${1:x});",
"trf:ty": "transform: translateY(${1:y});",
+ "trf:tz": "transform: translateZ(${1:z});",
+ "trf:t3": "transform: translate3d(${1:tx}, ${2:ty}, ${3:tz});",
"trfo": "transform-origin:|;",
"trfs": "transform-style:${1:preserve-3d};",
"trs": "transition:${1:prop} ${2:time};",

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