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Assume that we are working with html5 is not a good idea.

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1 parent 342f105 commit 40fb6aa1ac6cae3e614debd646c89b2c794249bf @leobetosouza leobetosouza committed May 23, 2013
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@@ -689,7 +689,7 @@
"isindex": "<isindex/>",
"input:reset": "input:button[type=reset]",
"select": "<select name=\"\" id=\"\">",
- "select:d": "<select name=\"\" id=\"\" disabled>",
+ "select:d": "select:disabled",
"option": "<option value=\"\">",
"textarea": "<textarea name=\"\" id=\"\" cols=\"${1:30}\" rows=\"${2:10}\">",
"menu:context": "menu[type=context]>",

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