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Thanks for this great plugins ;)

Do you plan an intregation on Netbeans ? :)


sergeche commented Feb 4, 2013

Yes, I’ll add NetBeans support

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Netbeans plugin #20


sergeche commented Mar 2, 2013

Just made initial implementation of Emmet plugin, based on @lorenzos implementation.

How to install:

  1. Download nbm file
  2. Open NetBeans IDE (6.9.1 or newer) and go to Tools > Plugins.
  3. Select tab Downloaded, click Add plugins... and search for downloaded nbm file.
  4. Click Install button, follow instructions and restart NetBeans IDE.

When installed, check out Edit > Emmet menu item for available actions.

More info:

Please post any plugin issues here.

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Any plans to update to Emmet ? #19

Thanks you for your great works.
I will try it.

pjiricka commented Mar 6, 2013

This is great, thanks Sergey for making this happen. I tried out the plugin, and so far the only minor problem I noticed is that some of the plugin metadata have not been updated in your fork, you may want to change them. Currently during installation it says:

Version: 1.0
Author: Lorenzo Stanco
Date: 3/3/13
Source: org-lorenzos-emmet.nbm

ladariha commented Mar 8, 2013

Hi, it works great (as far I can tell :)) but would it be possible to add the entire "Emmet" menu to context menu in editor as well? The point is that now it is a bit "hidden" in Edit|Emmet and it requires a lot of mouse movement. If I could just use right click in editor and find Emmet menu there, it would be much easier to use.


sergeche commented Mar 8, 2013

@ladariha I suppose you’d better add keyboard shortcuts for these actions instead of using menu.

ladariha commented Mar 8, 2013

Truth to be told, I didn't check this settings. I agree with you but personally I'd still like to see it in context menu. But that's purely subjective :)


sergeche commented Apr 21, 2013

Do you see any errors in Netbeans?

Thanks for your feedback, i fixed it by re-installing the plugin.


sergeche commented Apr 26, 2013

The plugin is published in Netbeans Plugin Portal:

sergeche closed this Apr 26, 2013

Hi i'm not sure if this is possible, it would be great if we could use the "TAB" button to complete the emmet action.

Mine is currently set to Ctrl + Alt + N (Windows netbeans 7.3.1) and this works fine, but it won't let me use TAB button in the options, I guess because of conflicts with the default TAB action.


trikon commented Jul 2, 2013

Yes TAB key could simplify to expand abbreviation!


sergeche commented Jul 2, 2013

I think Tab key expander might be available in Netbeans, but I’m not a Netbeans expert so I don’t know how to do this and it’s not a top priority feature.

You may try to use commercial support for this:

Ok thanks, that's a real shame because I think the most successful part of emmet is being able to instantly activate it with one button.

Thanks for taking time to reply though 👍

Is it possible to create custom toolbar with Emmet options in Netbeans?


sergeche commented Jul 11, 2013


GrCOTE7 commented Mar 31, 2014

Hi, all

Doas this plugin Emmet work with Nb 8.0RC1 ?

vicnbt commented May 29, 2014

it freezes my NetBeans 7.4, plugin ver - 1.0.1
works fine, but sometimes causes fast grow CPU and RAM use, and netbeans crashs

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