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Merchant Scroll

A script that reads the card price lists and calculates deck prices from .dec files.

File format

.dec is a simple plaintext file format that looks like this:

2 Lightning Bolt
2 Giant Growth
4 Unsummon
3 Storm Crow
2 Jace, Memory Adept

Each line in the file references one card in the deck. The number indicates how many of that card are included, and the name of the card is the official ascii name of the card. For official name reference, use these lists.

.dec files are exported from the deckbuilder on tappedout.


First, install dependencies with

pip install -r requirements.txt

To use this script, simply invoke the python interpreter

python -f path/to/my/deck.dec

To see available command options, use

python --help


Currently, Merchant Scroll only works for Standard-legal decklists. This is because it reads card prices per set from the tcgplayer data, and pulling all existing sets from the web is quite time-consuming.