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Material for Coders

Wordpress theme


This theme was designed basically showing code and text. Images are only a support and not the primary content.

How to install

Only download this repo by clicking the Download ZIP button on the Github sidebar. Unzip it and rename the folder to only "material-for-coders" (remove the "-master" word that Github appends automatically). It works well if you don't rename it, but the update system may cause problems, so, do it.

Even though you can install by downloading the GitHub zip and installing it manually in your WordPress, since the 2.0.2 I recommend to use the WordPress installer. You can go to your wp-admin and search for "Material for Coders" in the themes directory.


The theme counts with an auto updater, basically sync your theme with this repo. You only have to enter on the theme settings page and follow the link to update. Wordpress validation system is too slow and I preferred to made the update system on my own. You can check the few lines refered to the updates on the updater.php file.

Since 2.0.2 the theme has deleted the support to update against the GitHub repository. Now it uses only the official WordPress themes directory updater and you can install and update through the WordPress admin panel.


Now available in English, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

So, covering the 40,3% of the internet. (Using the Internet World Stats data)


This theme is preppared to use the emm-portfolio plugin. Note that this plugin isn't even available through the official WordPress directory, but you can download and install equally.

You can create projects through the admin panel. Only need to create a new page with the Portfolio Index theme, and that's all. This page shows your portfolio projects. Remember to add it to your menu.

Coming soon

  • More languages: If you want to translate, check out the .po files in the languages folder, you can translate it with the Poedit software.
  • Home page: With new widgets to create a home page with latest projects, and/or latests posts, etc. Some idea about this? create a issue with the suggestion.


Feel free to collaborate by improving whatever. If you think that anything isn't working properly you can open an issue or correct it and do a pull request.