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ESO-RP Profiles


This is an experiment: a place for members of ESO-RP to have (almost) complete freedom to represent their characters, guilds, etc., without the limitations of BBCode. And yes, it’s free.

There are two ways to get your own space:

  1. Link to GitHub
    1. Message me through Enjin with the GitHub username you want to link; that's all!
      • You’ll then be given your own folder in the repo, and your Enjin ID and GitHub username will be added to the users.json file in the root directory.
      • When you issue a pull request, so long as the ID matches the GitHub account (and assuming your code passes review—see Guidelines), I’ll approve it.
  2. Enjin only
    1. Message me on Enjin with a link to download your files, and I’ll set everything up for you—no GitHub required. If you later want to get a GitHub account approved, refer to method 1.

Your custom URL will be as follows: For the moment, this is non-negotiable, as it makes keeping up with who’s who much easier. This comes with a slight upside—those with custom Enjin IDs (e.g. will get a cleaner-looking link. Contact me if your Enjin ID ever changes and I’ll get you squared away.

If you’ve got all your files in place but don’t see any live changes immediately, don’t toss the computer just yet. It may take up to a couple hours for everything to be updated properly, so make sure you’ve tested what you have before sending it out.


You’re allowed to have as many pages and subpages as you want, with as much or as little media as you want, as many custom scripts and stylesheets as you want… Basically, you can do just about anything. Go wild and let your creativity flow. I only ask that you follow a few basic guidelines:

  • Keep pages mostly related to ESO and ESO roleplay. If you want a site for your own personal, non-roleplay reasons, there are any number of avenues you could take to set one up—including GitHub Pages.
  • You must possess all necessary rights to any content (code, media, writing, etc.) you submit.
  • All artwork, even if signed and/or watermarked, must be provided with accurate, visible credit given to the artist. (Unless you are the artist. Then you can do what you want.)
  • Any and all NSFW content must come with a clear and visible warning before the content is viewed. If you aren’t quite sure how to do this, I’ve provided a script to generate one on a page-by-page basis. If you don’t include one, I’ll take the liberty of injecting mine for you. This policy extends to external links.
  • Harmful, malicious, abusive, or privacy-endangering content will not be permitted. This policy extends to external links.
  • Content that does not adhere to the ESO-RP forum rules (in summary: “Don’t be a dick.”) will not be permitted.
  • Do not attempt to edit the contents of any folder other than your own. While honest mistakes may happen, any edits made without the owner’s permission will be denied.

I’ll be manually reviewing everything before allowing it to be pushed to the site, so if you break one of these rules—accidentally or otherwise—I’ll let you know what’s wrong and how to proceed.

If you’ve found any pages that break these guidelines, or have found your content posted here wrongfully, please open an issue or send a message pointing me to the content in question, and I’ll look into it ASAP.


I am not responsible for the quality of any content hosted on this repository. While anything that doesn’t meet the guidelines should be reported (and I severely reprimanded for allowing said content past my filter in the first place), content that is incomplete, non-working, or otherwise lacking in quality is the responsibility of each individual user.

If there’s no contact information provided on a given page, you can always find basic info in the appropriate file included inside every subdirectory. This file will always include at least an Enjin profile link, but may also specify a user's GitHub (if relevant), and any other method of contact provided.

Please note that all content on this repository can be read—as well as downloaded, forked, edited, and mirrored—by anyone. While I’ll be making sure everything on adheres to the guidelines above, I can’t promise your content won't end up on a mirror repo or another website. Such is the nature of the internet. If you take issue with this, it’s best that you refrain from submitting your content.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me here on GitHub, through Enjin, on Telegram, or on Discord (Emmy#1567).

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