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Desktop Toast

A library for toast notifications from desktop app. This library will, if necessary, install a shortcut in Windows startup and show a toast asynchronously.


  • .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • Windows 8.0 or newer


  • DesktopToast - The library.

  • DesktopToast.Wpf - Sample WPF app to use this library.

  • DesktopToast.WinForms - Sample WinForms app to use this library.

  • DesktopToast.Proxy - Sample console app which acts as proxy to this library. This app will accept a request in JSON format from standard input, transfer the request to this library and return the result to standard output.


Instantiate ToastRequest class, set its properties and then call ToastManager.ShowAsync method.

public async Task<bool> ShowToastAsync()
    var request = new ToastRequest
        ToastTitle = "DesktopToast WPF Sample",
        ToastBody = "This is a toast test.",
        ToastLogoFilePath = string.Format("file:///{0}", Path.GetFullPath("toast128.png")),
        ShortcutFileName = "DesktopToast.Wpf.lnk",
        ShortcutTargetFilePath = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location,
        AppId = "DesktopToast.Wpf",

    var result = await ToastManager.ShowAsync(request);

    return (result == ToastResult.Activated);

ToastRequest class is a container of information necessary for installing a shortcut and showing a toast. It has the following properties:

Property Description Note
ToastTitle Toast title Optional
ToastBody Toast body Required for toast
ToastBodyList Toast body list (If specified, toast body will be substituted by this list.) Optional
ToastLogoFilePath Logo image file path of toast Optional
ToastAudio Audio type of toast Optional
ToastXml XML representation of Toast (If specified, this XML will be used for a toast as it is.) Optional
ShortcutFileName Shortcut file name to be installed in Windows startup Required for shortcut
ShortcutTargetFilePath Target file path of shortcut Required for shortcut
ShortcutArguments Arguments of shortcut Optional
ShortcutComment Comment of shortcut Optional
ShortcutWorkingFolder Working folder of shortcut Optional
ShortcutWindowState Window state of shortcut Optional
ShortcutIconFilePath Icon file path of shortcut Optional
AppId AppUserModelID of application Required
ActivatorId AppUserModelToastActivatorCLSID of application (for Action Center of Windows 10) Optional
WaitingDuration Waiting duration before showing a toast after the shortcut file is installed Optional

Action Center of Windows 10

To interact with Action Center of Windows 10, an application needs to register COM class type which implements INotificationActivationCallback. In addition, the registration of COM server in the registry is required for an application to be started by COM when it is not running.

See WPF sample for implementation. Note that the CLSID of COM class type (AppUserModelToastActivatorCLSID) must be unique for each application.

Also check the following sample.

Interactive toast of Windows 10

To show an interactive toast of Windows 10, prepare a XML representation of toast and set it to ToastXml property. Check the following article.

You can compose it from scratch or utilize NotificationsExtensions.Win10 library. See WPF sample.


  • MIT License