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Emojicode is an open source, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language consisting of emojis. It features Object-Orientation, Optionals, Generics and Closures.

🏁 Getting Started

To learn more about the language and how to install Emojicode visit

We highly recommend to follow Emojicode’s Twitter account @Real_Emojicode to stay up with the latest.

πŸ”¨ Building from source

🏑 Building locally

Prerequisites (versions are recommendations):

  • clang and clang++ 6.0.1 or gcc and g++ 7.2
  • CMake 3.5.1+ and (preferably) Ninja
  • LLVM 7
  • Python 3.5.2+ for testing


  1. Clone Emojicode (or download the source code and extract it) and navigate into it:

    git clone
    cd emojicode
  2. Create a build directory and run CMake in it:

    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake .. -GNinja

    You can of course also run CMake in another directory or use another build system than Ninja. Refer to the CMake documentation for more information.

  3. Build the Compiler and Packages:

  4. You can now test Emojicode:

    ninja tests
  5. The binaries are ready for use! You can the perform a magic installation right away

    ninja magicinstall

    or just package the binaries and headers properly

    ninja dist

    To create a distribution archive you must call the dist script yourself (e.g. python3 ../ .. archive).

πŸ‹ Building using Docker

A Dockerfile is available for building in a Ubuntu 18.04 environment.


  1. Clone Emojicode (or download the source code and extract it) and navigate into it:

    git clone
    cd emojicode
  2. Build Docker image:

    docker build -t emojicode-build -f docker/clang .
  3. Verify the installation was fine and tests pass:

    docker run --rm emojicode-build
    βœ… βœ…  All tests passed.
  4. Start image (and mount a directory to it):

    docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/code:/workspace -it emojicode-build /bin/bash
  5. Start coding!

    emojicodec /workspace/hello.πŸ‡ && ./workspace/hello

πŸ“ƒ License

Emojicode is licensed under the Artistic License 2.0. If you don’t want to read the whole license, here’s a summary without legal force:

  • You are allowed to download, use, copy, publish and distribute Emojicode.
  • You are allowed to create modified versions of Emojicode but you may only distribute them on some conditions.
  • The license contains a grant of patent rights and does not allow you to use any trademark, service mark, tradename, or logo.
  • Emojicode comes with absolutely no warranty.