Github said "Error saving your changes: Description contains unicode characters above 0xffff" when I put the FACE LAUGHING WITH TEARS OF JOY emoji in this box
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Emojityper lets you type words, receive emoji 👍


If you have a modern browser with ES6 module support (Safari 10.1+/Chrome 61+/Edge 15+, possibly needing 🚩), then serve the top-level path (with your favourite static webserver). Otherwise, run the build steps below and serve the dist path.


  1. Run yarn install to get dependencies
  2. Run, which—
  • builds with gulp
  • checks in the contents of dist into gh-pages



The Emojityper backend is not currently public.


Is this real?


I want to change which emoji appear when I type a word

Select a range of emoji. You'll be prompted to type a name, which you can then submit. Text and non-emoji will be removed from the selection.

The recently top-used emoji will appear first in searches.