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Backing up a raspberrypi or account

Backing up an account (or other remote server account)

(Optional) To view data on the backup computer a local emoncms installation is required

Create an account on the backup emoncms installation and note down the mysql credentials.

  1. Download the usefulscripts repository:

  2. Open Backup/backup.php in a text editor.

  • Set $remote_server and $remote_apikey to correspond to the remote emoncms account you wish to download from.
  • Set $link_to_local_emoncms to true if you wish to access your data within a local installation of emoncms. Set $local_emoncms_location and $local_emoncms_userid to link to your local emoncms installation.
  • Set $link_to_local_emoncms to false if you just want to download the data without linking to a local emoncms install (non-mysql data only). Set $dir to the directory on your computer you wish to download the data. Manually create the folders: phpfina, phpfiwa, phptimeseries, phptimestore within this folder.
  1. Run the backup script from terminal with:

    php backup.php

Tested with (v8.0.9: 4 July 2014), and local emoncms v8.2.8

That's it, it should now work through all your feeds. When you first run this script it can take a long time. When you run this script again it will only download the most recent data and so will complete much faster.

Backing up a full emoncms installation (raspberrypi install or your own server)

Start by making a backup of your emoncms data and emoncms application folder.

To export a backup of your emoncms mysql data:

mysqldump -u root -p emoncms > emoncms_backup.sql

Or if you have a lot of feed data stored in mysql, you can export the meta data only with:

mysqldump -u root -p emoncms users input feeds dashboard multigraph > emoncms_backup.sql

You can make a direct directory copy of the /var/lib/mysql/emoncms folder if the mysql dump is too large.

Make a backup copy of the feed data folders on your system, the default locations on linux are:


Important Make sure you disable oem_gateway/emonhub or raspberrypi_run and any posting to the http api's (stop apache) before copying the data files so that when you make the copy the data is in a state where its not being written to.

Make a copy of the emoncms application folder usually found under /var/www/emoncms

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