... a relaxing game in which Mondo eats his way to vengeance
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mondo is phat

... a relaxing game in which Mondo eats his way to vengeance

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Mondo is a Phat and Phabulous cat. He owns it like a BOSS! He eats what he eats, he hates what he hates and does what he wants.

All he wanted was to eat and sleep, but the haters wouldn't leave him alone.

Sometimes, there is a peace that can only be found after war.

And today, mondo got out of the house.


This is a relaxing game. Mondo eats the mice, chihuahuas, and food. He likes only tuna, strawberry jam, hot cocoa and scrambled egggs.

Belly-bop the enemies (mice and chihuahuas).

Jump to get the food.

Watch your vengeance points accumulate.

SETUP (locally):

  1. install phaser on your computer http://phaser.io/

  2. download this repo

  3. cd into the project

  4. launch the server (there are multiple ways to set up a server in phaser) (a quick way, once you cd into the project is to just type: php -S )

  5. in your web browser, go to localhost:8000

  6. bring glory to your ancestors


Download the app live from the Android store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.illudiumphosdex.mondo&hl=en


This project was created under the challenge of learning a completely new-to-me framework (Phaser) with a time frame of 5-days, start to finish, start to launch.


The wireframes, user-persona and UX-report can be found at this repo: https://github.com/emontecalvo/mondo_ux


  • Mondo is Phat was built using Phaser, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, (with IntelXDK and Cordova to ship).

  • The setup code for window.onload resides in the js/main.js file, and from there the other game.state files are added.

  • All spritesheets are found in the "images" folder and were created with Sketch and GIMP.

  • Most of the physics were written using Phaser's built-in physics engine.

  • The mobile experience is slightly different than playing on the web, due to how the buttons were coded. Users prefered not to have to push the "walk" buttons too often on mobile, but on the web clicking the walk buttons were found to be a little more satisfying.

  • Sound effect "Smack Lips Sound", recorded by Mike Koenig, provided by Sound Bible at this link: http://soundbible.com/suggest.php?q=smack+lip&x=0&y=0

  • All artwork is original.


Planned future updates:

  • The replay button works seamlessly on Mondo Is Phat, but an official "quit" button should be added to give a better sense of completeness to the user.

  • Extra levels with increasing levels of difficulty should be added.

  • Revised animation to make the "belly-bop" more obvious for the mobile experience.

  • Adding a consequence factor for Mondo would be a nice addition.

  • Add a "sleep" animation after every completed level.

Thanks for playing! ~ Emily Monte Calvo

P.S. A special thanks to vampaynani (https://github.com/vampaynani) for offering advice and help during my first phaser project.