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Dec 14, 2011


blueprint refactor-readme-to-manual
Removes most of the content from the README to avoid it becoming outdated
and stale given that our currently maintained docs are now on .  In some cases, including keystone config,
extension writing, etc. this means text from the README is being
transferred directly from the README to an external doc so we make
sure we don't lose anything.

Change-Id: Ie08db4bd4854bb45e6777b1e0abe37f51d3e5c5c
Sep 24, 2011


Merge from launchpad quantum/diablo branch:
  merge salv's fix to remove keystone middleware: lp855151
  one more 202->200 from tyler
  merge tylers additional 202 -> 200 changes
  merge additions to OVS readme describing running with multiple hosts
  merge brad's changes to make create API calls return 200, not 202
  merge unit test for showing unset attachment
  merging API docs branch
  Merge: lp:~yinliu2/quantum/bug856564
  Merge: lp:~bgh/quantum/bug850261

Change-Id: I56fe24c59f918737e57b562343c33ec6dcceac60
Mar 11, 2011


Fixing Cisco plugin after update_* change
Also a few fixes from packaging changes

Change-Id: I7ad7d5bc741fed9d09120148ad75f41df6722b59
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