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Maintenance status

Notice that this project is looking for a maintainer. If you are interested in maintaining this project, please open an issue.

Bindings for BGFX

Rust bindings to bgfx, a cross-platform, graphics API agnostic, "Bring Your Own Engine/Framework" style rendering library.

Why another wrapper?

While this wrapper for Rust exists, the code here takes a different approach and generate high-level bindings from the BGFX API def instead which will allow easier updating of the bindings once the API changes with much reduced work. In some cases there will be manual implementation where it makes sense to provide more ergonomic Rust code where auto-generation is difficult.


The crate is not being developed actively.


# Cargo.toml
bgfx-rs = "0.20"

The library doesn't include any window handling and that has to be provided by the user. See examples an how to use GLFW


Licensed under BSD 2-Clause to keep the license the same the BGFX code.