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I am a new and first-time father using Baby Connect to track my son's feeding and diaper changes. The basics are all there, but I wanted to know how and when my son's behaviors where changing over time and answer questions like:

  • Is today's feeding part of a larger pattern, or an anomaly?
  • Is he eating more during the day, or am I deluded by sleep deprivation?

I've started by performing cluster analysis and generating pretty pictures in R. There's a longer writeup, and some early version example graphs taken from this code, on

If you have a similar interest for your own kids, I'd love to hear your ideas.


  • download your csv files from
  • create data/
  • place your csv files in data/
  • run the feedingClusters.R or diaperClusters.R script from within R
source("feedingClusters.R", echo=TRUE) 

output graphs

  • diaperClusters.R:png("diaperHours.png"): Diapers by time of day over time

  • diaperClusters.R:png("diaperWetHour.png"): (BM&Wet|Wet) vs BM-only by time of day

  • diaperClusters.R:png("diaperBMHour.png"): (BM&Wet|BM) vs Wet-only by time of day

  • diaperClusters.R:png("diaperStart.png"): BM&Wet vs BM|Wet over time

  • diaperClusters.R:png("diaperHour.png"): BM&Wet vs BM|Wet by time of day

  • feedingClusters.R:png("feedingHours.png"): Time of day, over time

  • feedingClusters.R:png("feedingDurationHour.png"): Duration by time of day

  • feedingClusters.R:png("feedingDurationStart.png"): Duration over time

  • feedingClusters.R:png("feedingRange.png"): Time of day, over time, and duration

  • feedingClusters.R:png("feedingPercentByHour.png"): Percentage of daily feeding completed by hour, labeled by hour of completion



R library requirements

  • diaperClusters.R:library(mclust)
  • diaperClusters.R:library(ggplot2)
  • feedingClusters.R:library(mclust)
  • feedingClusters.R:library(ggplot2)
  • feedingClusters.R:library(plyr)