Reusable Emory University Libraries theme/templates for use with Django applications
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Reusable Emory University Libraries theme/templates for use with Django applications

Use and Installation:

  • pip install via github url:

    pip install -e git://
  • Update INSTALLED_APPS to include the following:

  • Extend eultheme/site_base.html for your base template.

  • Recommended: update TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS to include:

  • Recommended: create a context processor to include your project version in all templates as SW_VERSION. If it is set, eultheme will display the current version in the footer. Example version context processor:

    from myproject import __version__
    def version(request):
        return {'SW_VERSION': __version__}
  • Include eultheme.js in your site base (or other templates as appropriate) if you use any of the template snippets that require it (e.g., advanced search filters).

eultheme expects that you are using django.contrib.staticfiles, and that TEMPLATE_LOADERS and STATICFILES_FINDERS are configured to load files from app directories (included in the default settings). It also expects a named url called site-index.

Downtime/Maintenance pages

eultheme includes maintenance functionality based on django-downtime.

To enable downtime functionality and maintenance banners before scheduled downtimes, add the following configurations.

  • Update MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES to include:


    This should be included after django.contrib.auth.middleware.AuthenticationMiddleware and django.contrib.sessions.middleware.SessionMiddleware.


  • Add downtime exempt paths to your local settings for URLs that are not affected by the downtime. This will allow access to parts of the site even if when the site is down for scheduled maintenance:

    # exempted paths for downtime
  • Add downtime exempt IP addresses to your local settings. This will allow access to the entire site even when the site is scheduled to be down hen accessing it with one of the listed IPs.:

    # list of IPs that can access the site despite downtime

You can customize downtime pages by adding a downtime/downtime.html template that extends eultheme/downtime_base.html.

If you are not extending eultheme/site_base.html for your base template, you can include maintenance banners by including the mx/banner.html snippet.

South Migrations

For older instances of Django (<1.7), the south_migrations directory contains schema that will be discovered by syncdb

NOTE: We use git flow naming conventions for this git repository. New development will always be in in develop and the most recent release, once there is one, will be in master.