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Full commit history for eulxml, eulfedora, eulexistdb, and eulcommon
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EULcore history

Before eulxml, eulfedora, eulexistdb, and eulcommon were split apart for release, they were all developed in one larger module that was internally known as eulcore. This repository contains the development history for each of those modules.

To view the development history for any of those modules, you will need to get the code and then patch in the history as follows:

git clone git://
cd eulxml
git remote add history git://
git fetch history
git replace history/eulxml history/eulxml-history

After this, operations such as git log will show the full development history of the code.

These commands should work for any of eulxml, eulfedora, eulexistdb, or eulcommon. Simply replace every occurrence of eulxml in the example above with the repository you are working with.

Contact Information

eulcore-history was created by the Digital Programs and Systems Software Team of Emory University Libraries.


eulcore-history is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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