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:mod:`existdb` -- Store and retrieve data in an eXist database

.. automodule:: eulexistdb

Direct database access

.. automodule:: eulexistdb.db

   .. autoclass:: ExistDB(server_url[, resultType[, encoding[, verbose]]])

      .. automethod:: getDocument(name)

      .. automethod:: createCollection(collection_name[, overwrite])

      .. automethod:: removeCollection(collection_name)

      .. automethod:: hasCollection(collection_name)

      .. automethod:: load(xml, path[, overwrite])

      .. automethod:: query(xquery[, start[, how_many]])

      .. automethod:: executeQuery(xquery)

      .. automethod:: querySummary(result_id)

      .. automethod:: getHits(result_id)

      .. automethod:: retrieve(result_id, position)

      .. automethod:: releaseQueryResult(result_id)

   .. autoclass:: QueryResult

   .. autoexception:: ExistDBException

Object-based searching

.. automodule:: eulexistdb.query

   .. autoclass:: QuerySet

   .. autoclass:: XmlQuery

Django tie-ins for :mod:`eulexistdb`

.. automodule:: eulexistdb.manager

.. automodule:: eulexistdb.models

   .. autoclass:: XmlModel

      Two use cases are particularly common. First, a developer may wish to
      use an ``XmlModel`` just like an :class:`~eulxml.xmlmap.XmlObject`,
      but with the added semantics of being eXist-backed::

        class StoredWidget(XmlModel):
            name = StringField("name")
            quantity = IntegerField("quantity")
            top_customers = StringListField("(order[@status='active']/customer)[position()<5]/name")
            objects = Manager("//widget")

      Second, if an :class:`~eulxml.xml.XmlObject` is defined elsewhere, an
      application developer might simply expose
      :class:`~eulexistdb.db.ExistDB` backed objects::

        class StoredThingie(XmlModel, Thingie):
            objects = Manager("/thingie")

      Of course, some applications ask for mixing these two cases, extending
      an existing :class:`~eulxml.xml.XmlObject` while adding
      application-specific fields::

        class CustomThingie(XmlModel, Thingie):
            best_foobar = StringField("qux/fnord[@application='myapp']/name")
            custom_detail = IntegerField("detail/@level")
            objects = Manager("/thingie")

      In addition to the fields inherited from
      :class:`~eulxml.xmlmap.XmlObject`, ``XmlModel`` objects have one
      extra field:

      .. attribute:: _managers

         A dictionary mapping manager names to
         :class:`~eulexistdb.manager.Manager` objects. This
         dictionary includes all of the managers defined on the model
         itself, though it does not currently include managers inherited
         from the model's parents.

Custom Template Tags

.. automodule:: eulexistdb.templatetags.existdb

:mod:`~eulexistdb` Management commands

The following management command will be available when you include :mod:`eulexistdb` in your django INSTALLED_APPS and rely on the existdb settings described above.

For more details on these commands, use <command> help

  • existdb - update, remove, and show information about the index configuration for a collection index; reindex the configured collection based on that index configuration

:mod:`~eulexistdb.testutil` Unit Test utilities

.. automodule:: eulexistdb.testutil

:mod:`~eulexistdb.debug_panel` Debug Toolbar Panel

.. automodule:: eulexistdb.debug_panel