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A collection of AppleScripts for use with Capture One.

Script Compatability Shortcut
add_capture_to_favs 9+ ⌃f
apply_keywords 10+ ⇧⌘K
batch_rename_collection 12+
make_new_dir 9+ ⌃n
select_next_capture 12+ ⌃↑
select_previous_capture 12+ ⌃↓
smart_album_for_selection 9+


Run install.command, which will copy the scripts to ~/Library/Scripts/Capture One Scripts and set up the keyboard shortcuts.

Some notes:

  • The script defaults to adding shortcuts for Capture One 20
  • Restart Capture One after installation
  • macOS might not show the shortcuts in System Preferences

Showing Shortcuts in System Preferences

When setting keyboard shortcuts via the command line System Preferences doesn't know to look for the shortcuts in that app. However, there is a workaround:

  1. Add a shortcut for Capture One. Any shortcut will do.
    • For example, just enter Scripts as the menu item and ⌃s as the shortcut.
  2. Quit both Capture One and System Preferences.
  3. Run install.command
  4. Remove the shortcut you added in step one.

Now the shortcuts can be customized from System Preferences.

The Scripts

Add Capture to Favs

Adds the current Capture Directory to favorites

Apply Keywords

Apply keywords from the clipboard to all variants in the current collection.

Each line of text in the clipboard is applied as a separate keyword. The keywords are added to the whatever the current keywords are.

If you need to remove all keywords, use "Reset Keywords", which will remove all keywords from every variant in the current collection.

Make New Dir

Creates new directories inside of the Capture directory and sets the capture directory.

When running the script you'll be prompted for a new directory name. The prompt will repeat allowing going back to FileMaker or a spreadsheet, enter an empty string to end the loop.

New directories are created adjacent to the current capture directory, unless the capture directory is "Capture", in which case new folders are made inside.

Set repeatPrompt to false to only prompt for one name.

If setCaptureFolder is true then the capture directory will be set to the first directory name entered.

Set resetCaptureCounter to true to set the capture counter to 1 when making a new folder.

Select Next/ Previous Capture

Moves the capture directory up or down the list of favorites relative to the current capture directory.

Note: The new versions of these scripts will only work in Capture One 12 and later.

Smart Album For Selection

Creates a smart album from the name of the selected album.

There are two parameters for configuring the search terms:

  • theDelimiter, default _
  • itemNumber, default 3

The script splits the name on the delimiter and selects the itemNumber item in the new list for the search term. For instance, some_file_name would have a smart album called name made for it.

Batch Rename Collection

Sorts the current collection by date (ascending), sets the rename counter to 1, and renames all variants.


A collection of AppleScripts for use with Capture One





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