a command line tool to load fixtures to databases
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version: 2.0.0

Build Status

A small command line tool written in Go lang, that loads fixtures and insert it's records to a database. Currently supports YAML and JSON files through CLI, and supports PostgreSQL only.

Supported File Types

  • JSON
  • YAML
  • CSV

Supported Databases

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQLServer
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Cassandra
  • Firebase


This will install gofixtures to your $GOPATH/bin

$ go get github.com/emostafa/gofixtures
$ go install github.com/emostafa/gofixtures


To start using gofixtures you need to have a configuration file for the database connection, It could be written in YAML or JSON, here is an example for db.yaml

driver: "postgres"
database: "mydb"
user: "foo"
password: "bar"
host: "localhost"

The next step is to prepare your fixtures:

  1. Prepare YAML file (or json file), let's call it example.yaml
  2. Start writing your fixture, it should have a "table" which declares that table name that we are going to insert data into, and then a list of records, as following:
table: countries
  - name: Egypt
  - name: Germany
  - name: Netherlands
  1. the previous yaml file inserts three records into table countries
  2. gofixtures will parse each record and insert it into the database
  3. in order to use gofixutres, change directory to one level above where the yaml file exists, run command
$ gofixtures --file fixtures/example.yaml --dbconf db.yaml
  1. by default, gofixtures expecte yaml files to exists in "fixtures/" directory, but you can override this by either: a. specify a file to load, e.g: $ gofixtures -file myfixture.json b. specify a directory and loal all the fixtures files inside it, e.g: $ gofixtures -directory /home/foo/myfixtures

A combination of all the available flags can be used, e.g:

$ gofixtures --dbconf mydbconf.yaml --dir ./my_fixtures 
Avialable Command Line Flags
  1. dbconf "database configuration YAML (or JSON) file"
  2. file "a yaml or json file to load"
  3. dir "a directory contains fixtures"


  1. support JSON files
  2. support different sql databases like MySQL
  3. load multiple yaml fiels, or load folders
  4. ability to load configuration from file instead of kwargs