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This code is about estimating a position of an world map from a local position of a camera and vice versa.

Please refer to this to see the details.

Test Environment

  • Windows 10
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Surface Book 2

Library Dependencies

  • OpenCV

How to Set Event Zone

  1. Construct an instance of LocationDetection class.
  2. Set a polygon by clicking points on the 'Customizing Zones' window. The convex polygon is automatically set from points you clicked.
    • Enter key: complete a zone setting when it turns green, and input the altitude of this zone
    • q key: exit the setting zones

How to Convert the World Map to the Camera

  • Call generateEventOnWorldMap().
  • Click anywhere inside the 'Event Generation' window.
  • When clicked, the views of cameras which are already set are popped up.

How to Convert the Camera to the World Map

  • Call generateEventOnCamera().
  • Click anywhere inside the 'Event Generation on Camera#' window.
  • When clicked, the world map is popped up.
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