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This is a work-in-progress implementation of a Solid Pod Management System.

Solid is a web decentralization project led by Tim Berners Lee in collaboration with MIT. Learn more about the solid project here.

This proof-of-concept application tries to improve the user experience (UX) with Pods (Personal Online Data Stores) making it more human, friendly & understandable.

Application is being developed in collaboration with the WESO, the Web Semantic research group of the University of Oviedo &

Working features

  1. Succesful Log in and Log out
  2. You can edit your profile
  3. Delete & add friends
  4. Integrated Pod File Management
  5. Internationalization in English and Spanish

Log In

When log in you will be asked for a Pod provider, either Solid Community or Inrupt.

Learn how to get a Solid Pod here or here.

This is the Log In screen. The Sign In and resgister links will redirect you to the website of the provider you may choose.


Once you are logged in, you will see the welcome page Welcome page

Profile View

In the profile view you can edit any fields of your profile and they will be saved immedietely

Profile View fields

In this view you can also have the option to delete your Pod, redirecting you to your Pod provider.

Profile view delete

Friends View

In this view you can see all your friends with their profile photo and card URI. You can also delete a friend, just by pressing the button below their name. This button will ask for a confirmation before deleting the friend.

Friend View List

You can also add new friends by clicking the plus icon at the bottom right corner of the page. A dialog will appear. In this dialog you just have to choose your friends provider and then just type their username, there is no need to type the full URI.

Friend Add

Integrated Pod File Management

In myFiles view you can see all the files you have stored in your Pod.

File View

Depending of the type of file you can have different functionalities. If it is a multimedia file you can view it on this page. If the file is editable you can edit and download the file. If it is neither one of those type files you just can download it.

editable file view

Built with

  • Application based on Inrupt Solid React SDK. Available here
  • Solid React reusable components. Available here
  • LDFlex Solid library. Available here
  • Solid-file-client library. Available here
  • Enzyme testing utility for React. Available here


Installation guide

$ git clone
$ npm install


$ npm start


$ npm test


$ npm run build

Live Deployment


GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0


Pod Management System for Solid Pods







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