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A Circle CI Orb for running CodeScene delta analysis
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A Circle CI Orb for running CodeScene Delta Analysis in a CircleCI build workflow.

The orb uses codescene-ci-cd through a docker image to connect to a CodeScene instance doing the analysis.

The result of the analysis will be visible in the CircleCI build log:

CircleCI failing build

The orb will also create comments attached to GitHub commits or pull requests:

GitHub comment


Add the delta analysis to a workflow by using the run-delta-analysis job from the orb in your projects config.yml and use a context for setting variables common to all your projects by codescene-ci-cd:

version: 2.1
  codescene-ci-cd: empear/codescene-ci-cd@1.1.1
  version: 2
      - codescene-ci-cd/run-delta-analysis:
          context: codescene-ci-cd

The variables required are :

Variable Description
CODESCENE_USER A bot user created in codesene for accessing the API.
CODESCENE_PASSWORD The password for the bot user.
CODESCENE_GITLAB_API_TOKEN A personal access token created in GitLab.
CODESCENE_DELTA_ANALYSIS_URL The full URL to the CodeScene Delta Analysis REST API. Retrievable from the CodeScene GUI. Note that this is project specific and thus must be set in the project settings rather than in the context.
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