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Welcome to my personal project

Welcome to my personal side project to take the best of all the various open source grid architectures and make a grid architecture that allows for the following:

  • Provides stable security for grids and standalone users
  • Provides scalability to allow for extending the functionality of the architecture without doing harm to the rest of the architecture
  • Allows for a rolling deploy system to ensure grid owners can deploy new server versions and features onto their grid without affecting users already logged in
  • encourages development of grids to thrive in the future
  • and much more.

Project Development

Because I have other projects I work on as the owner and founder of the Second Galaxy Development Team, and my day job, I will be slowly working on this. I ask for patience as I work on the new codebase.

If you would like to propose ideas for new features that you think will make grid architectures even better then please post them at:

You can also see what the current progress is by looking at the wiki found at:

I will be giving this project a special codename when I think of a great futuristic one.

Stay tuned!


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