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// +build go1.13
package errors
import (
// Is reports whether any error in err's chain matches target.
// An error is considered to match a target if it is equal to that target or if
// it implements a method Is(error) bool such that Is(target) returns true.
func Is(err, target error) bool {
return errors.Is(err, target)
// As finds the first error in err's chain that matches the type to which target
// points, and if so, sets the target to its value and returns true. An error
// matches a type if it is assignable to the target type, or if it has a method
// As(interface{}) bool such that As(target) returns true. As will panic if target
// is not a non-nil pointer to a type which implements error or is of interface type.
// The As method should set the target to its value and return true if err
// matches the type to which target points.
func As(err error, target interface{}) bool {
return errors.As(err, target)
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