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RestSharp Release Notes


  • Fixed bug where ExecuteAsync sometimes doesn't send data


  • Fixed Windows Phone and Silverlight to use culture when calling Convert.ChangeType() (thanks trydis)
  • Added support for non-standard HTTP methods (thanks jhoerr)
    New API methods include:

    • IRestClient.ExecuteAsyncGet()
    • IRestClient.ExecuteAsyncPost()
    • IRestClient.ExecuteAsyncGet<T>()
    • IRestClient.ExecuteAsyncPost<T>()

    See groups discussion for more info

  • Resolved an xAuth support issue in the OAuth1Authenticator (thanks artema)

  • Change AddDefaultParameter methods to be extension methods (thanks haacked)
    Added RestClientExtensions.AddDefaultParameter() with 4 overloads. See pull request #311 for more info

  • Adding support for deserializing enums from integer representations (thanks dontjee)


  • Version bump to fix assembly versioning


  • Added in the check for it being generic before calling GetGenericType Definition() (thanks nicwise)
  • Add support for deserializing properties with an underscore prefix (thanks psampaio)
  • BaseUrl is now virtual (thanks Haacked)
  • Fixed List json deserialization, when T was a something like DateTime, Timespan, Guid, etc. (thanks PedroLamas)
  • Improve support for parsing iso8601 dates (thanks friism)


New Features

  • Allow deserializing a single item into a List field, for JSON that only uses a list when there's more than one item for a given field (thanks petejohanson)
  • Extended NtlmAuthenticator so that it can also impersonate a user (thanks kleinron)
  • Added support for mapping JSON objects to Dictionary (thanks petejohanson)
  • Added ability to set Host and Date when built for .NET 4.0 (thanks lukebakken)
  • Allow deserializing lists with null in them. Should resolve pull request (thanks petejohanson)
  • Add support for deserializing JSON to subclasses of List (thanks abaybuzskiy)

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed invalid OAuth1 signature for GET request (thanks trilobyte)
  • Added some missing OAuth files to the .NET4 and Silverlight projects (thanks PedroLamas)
  • Removed unused NewtonsoftJsonMonoTouch.dll and Newtonsoft.Json.MonoDroid.dll binaries (thanks attilah)
  • Fixed various issues with MonoTouch/Droid ports (thanks attilah)
  • Add ability to set Host and Date when built for .NET 4.0 (thanks lukebakken)
  • Fixed XmlDeserializer issue not handling lowercase + dash root elements in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where RestResponse.Request was not populated (thanks mattleibow)
  • Don't crash on captive networks that intercept SSL (thanks aroben)


  • #267 Added CLS Compliance
  • #263 Fixed InvalidCastException
  • #218 Handles connection failures better
  • #231 OAuth now complies with rfc3986 url hex encoding

103.0 - Remove dependency on Json.NET

  • Remove WP7.0 support (7.1 Mango remains).


  • Updating Json.NET to 4.0.8, misc fixes


  • Updating Json.NET reference to 4.0.5