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Gunit - Go Unit Test

@(Gunit Document)[go|design]

Gunit add rich Assert and Expect checker for go test.

Rich Output


go get

Add a Test Suite

package foo



// Your suite struct
type MySuite struct {
    a int
    b int
    t string

// Suite entry
func Test(t *testing.T) {
    gunit.RunTest(&MySuite{}, t)

// Optional: before suite
func (self *MySuite) Before() {

// Optional: after suite
func (self *MySuite) After() {

This is a simple test suite for gunit.

Test source files like go test file, it must be named xxxx_test.go

How to run it?

Run all test:

go test

Run one test suite:

go test -gunit.test=<suiteName>

Run specified test case:

go test -gunit.test=<suiteName.caseName>

The order of suite running:

-- suite scope

    -- test 1 scope
    -- test 1 end

    -- test 2 scope
    -- test 2 end

-- suite end

In a suite: Before()/After() run only once.

You should add case to your suite for testing.

Add Test Cases

// Optional: test case setup
func (self *MySuite) SetUp(c *gunit.Case) {
    self.a = 314
    self.b = 216
    self.t = "hello"

// Optional: test case teardown
func (self *MySuite) TearDown(c *gunit.Case) {
    *self = MySuite{} // clear the suite

// Test case must be prefix with Test.
func (self *MySuite) TestSanity(c *gunit.Case) {
    c.AssertEquals(314, self.a)
    c.AssertEquals(216, self.b)

The test case must named TestXXX. case function has only one argument: *gunit.Case.

The SetUp and TearDown function are both optional.

Value Check

Check equals:

func (self *Case)AssertEquals(lhs, rhs interface{})

func (self *Case)ExpectEquals(lhs, rhs interface{})

Check true or false:

func (self *Case)AssertTrue(rhs bool)
func (self *Case)AssertFalse(rhs bool)

func (self *Case)ExpectTrue(rhs bool)
func (self *Case)ExpectFalse(rhs bool)

Check nil or NOT nil:

func (self *Case)AssertNil(rhs interface{})
func (self *Case)AssertNotNil(rhs interface{})

func (self *Case)ExpectNil(rhs interface{})
func (self *Case)ExpectNotNil(rhs interface{})

Assert can break test case, but Expect not.

How to check multi-return function?

Your can use the Batch checker:

func (self *MySuite) TestBatchCheck(c *gunit.Case) {
        AssertEquals(1).    // check first value
        Skip(1).            // skip second value
        AssertEquals("ok"). // check third value
        AssertNil()         // and last one

func foo() (int, int, string, error) {
    return 1, -1, "ok", nil

Panic Test

Expect panic will be happen:

func (self *Case) ExpectPanic(lhs interface{})

Assert panic:

func (self *Case) AssertPanic(lhs, fn func())


func (self *MySuite) TestExpectPanic(c *gunit.Case) {
    defer c.ExpectPanic("panic!") // must be in `defer` statement


func (self *MySuite) TestScopedPanic(c *gunit.Case) {
    c.AssertPanic("error!", func () {
        c.T.Log("panic incoming!")
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