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  • OS: CentOS 7
  • Erlang/OTP:
  • EMQ: 2.0


When deploy under cluster environment, I have seen a description, EMQ will keep copy of Topic <-> Node mapping among all nodes, if 1M or even 2M clients connects to broker, there wil be lots of resources (memory) will be consumed of each node, right? can mapping keep out of broker, e.g., redis or other in-memory database and used by all broker?

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I have seen this description: "Every node in the cluster will store a topic trie and route table in mnesia database.". is it possible to store topic & client out side broker?

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@forest-yang Now the topic trie and routing table will be replicated to each node in the cluster. And we are working on a micro service architecture these days to separate the connection and routing layer.

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