Intermittent connection dropout & LWT issue #849

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  • OS: Ubuntu 14.04
  • Erlang/OTP:
  • EMQ: 2.0


We are using to connect to EMQTT broker. We have set a connection keepalive to 10 seconds. Based on this PR : tuanpmt/esp_mqtt#118 by @vowstar the client is sending the server a ping every 5 seconds and it seems to work fine. I have traced the same using

$ ./bin/emqttd_ctl trace client "client_1" "trace_client_1.log" #turn on tracing for a client
$ tail -f trace_client_1.log #tail the logs to see what is happening..

04:34:39.182 [info] Client(client_1@ RECV PINGREQ(
Q0, R0, D0)
04:34:39.182 [info] Client(client_1@ SEND PINGRESP
(Q0, R0, D0)
04:34:45.181 [info] Client(client_1@ RECV PINGREQ(
Q0, R0, D0)
04:34:45.182 [info] Client(client_1@ SEND PINGRESP
(Q0, R0, D0)

$ ./bin/emqttd_ctl trace client "client_1" off #turn off tracing

and things seem to work fine. But for some reason, 2 issues happen

  1. The LWT does not get fired if the broker does not receive a PINGREQ from a client. It fires the LWT after 30+ seconds. Not sure why this is happening.

  2. The client randomly disconnects and connects and at this time, the LWT gets fired immediately.

The above 2 issues are disrupting the connection stability of the client.

We have connected to the same broker using with the same timeout and there seems to be no issue with connectivity as well as firing LWT.

Can you please let me know if I am missing anything?



Based on LWT should be fired when

  1. An I/O error or network failure is detected by the server.
  2. The client fails to communicate within the Keep Alive time.
  3. The client closes the network connection without sending a DISCONNECT packet first.
  4. The server closes the network connection because of a protocol error.

Looks like 2 & 3 points above seem to not work as expected.

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