emqttd v2.0.7 released

@emqplus emqplus released this Jan 20, 2017

The Last Maintenance Release for EMQ 2.0, support to build RPM/DEB Packages.

Create the emq-package project: https://github.com/emqtt/emq-package

emq-auth-http#9: Update the priv/emq_auth_http.schema, cuttlefish:unset() if no super_req/acl_req config exists

emq-auth-mongo#31: cuttlefish:unset() if no ACL/super config exists

emq-dashboard#91: Fix the exception caused by binary payload

emq-relx#21: Improve the binemqttd.cmd batch script for windows platform

emqttd#873: Documentation: installing-from-source

emqttd#870: Documentation: The word in Documents is wrong

emqttd#864: Hook 'client.unsubscribe' need to handle 'stop'

emqttd#856: Support variables in etc/emq.conf: {{ runner_etc_dir }}, {{ runner_etc_dir }}, {{ runner_data_dir }}


emqttd v2.0.6 released

@emqplus emqplus released this Jan 8, 2017 · 17 commits to master since this release

The Maintenance Release for EMQ 2.0.

esockd#41: Fast close the TCP socket if ssl:ssl_accept failed

emq-relx#15: The EMQ 2.0 broker cannot run on Windows.


emqttd v2.0.1 released

@emqplus emqplus released this Nov 29, 2016 · 72 commits to master since this release

Bugfix and Improvements

emqttd#781: Update README for EMQ 2.0

emq_dashboard#84: Show the Cluster Status of Node

emq_dashboard#79: disc_copies to store mqtt_admin table

emq_auth_clientid: disc_copies to store mqtt_auth_clientid table

emq_auth_username: disc_copies to store mqtt_auth_username table

emq_mod_subscription#3: Remove emq_mod_subscription table and module.subscription.backend config

emq_plugin_template#5: Unregister Auth/ACL modules when the plugin unloaded


emqttd v2.0 released

@emqplus emqplus released this Nov 20, 2016 · 82 commits to master since this release

Release Name: West of West Lake

The EMQ Version 2.0, named "West of West Lake", has been released with a lot of improvements and enhancements, and is ready to deploy in production now.

  1. First of all, the EMQ broker now supports Shared Subscription and Local Subscription.
  2. Supports CoAP(RFC 7252) and MQTT-SN protocol/gateway.
  3. Adopt a more user-friendly k = v syntax for the new configuration file.
  4. Add more hooks and new plugins, integrate with HTTP, LDAP, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.
  5. Cross-platform Builds and Deployment. Run the broker on Linux, Unix, Windows, Raspberry Pi and ARM platform.

Shared Subscription

Shared Subscription supports Load balancing to distribute MQTT messages between multiple subscribers in the same group:

                                |       | --Msg1--> Subscriber1
    Publisher--Msg1,Msg2,Msg3-->|  EMQ  | --Msg2--> Subscriber2
                                |       | --Msg3--> Subscriber3

Create a shared subscription with $queue/ or $share/<group>/ prefix:

Prefix Examples
$queue/ mosquitto_sub -t '$queue/topic
$share// mosquitto_sub -t '$share/group/topic

Local Subscription

The Local Subscription will not create global routes on clustered nodes, and only dispatch MQTT messages on local node.

Usage: subscribe a topic with $local/ prefix.

erlang.mk and relx

The EMQ 2.0 adopts erlang.mk_ and relx_ tools to build the whole projects on Linux, Unix and Windows.

CoAP Support

The EMQ 2.0 supports CoAP(RFC7252) protocol/gateway now, and supports communication between CoAP, MQTT-SN and MQTT clients.

CoAP Protocol Plugin: https://github.com/emqtt/emqttd_coap

MQTT-SN Support

The EMQ 2.0 now supports MQTT-SN protocol/gateway.

MQTT-SN Plugin: https://github.com/emqtt/emq_sn

New Configuration File

The release integrated with cuttlefish library, and adopted a more user-friendly k = v syntax for the new configuration file:

    ## Node name
    node.name = emqttd@
    ## Max ClientId Length Allowed.
    mqtt.max_clientid_len = 1024

OS Environment Variables


Docker Image

We released an official Docker Image for EMQ 2.0. The open source project for Dockerfile: https://github.com/emqtt/emq_docker.

Full Support for Windows

The EMQ 2.0 fully supports Windows platform. You can run 'emqttd_ctl' command and cluster two nodes on Windows now.

Bugfix and Enhancements

add mqtt.cache_acl option (#764)

Configuring emqttd from environment variables (#667)

mqtt/superuser calls two times emqtt_auth_http (#722)

"-heart" option for EMQ 2.0 (#754)

emq_auth_redis cannot use hostname as server address (#741)