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Fix emqx booting on windows

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gilbertwong96 committed Apr 8, 2019
1 parent 22829dc commit 75de3441db9bf03d489609dcbb340a74de263508
Showing with 13 additions and 36 deletions.
  1. +12 −36 bin/emqx.cmd
  2. +1 −0 relx.config
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
@set rel_dir=%rel_root_dir%\releases\%rel_vsn%

@set etc_dir=%rel_root_dir%\etc
@set bin_dir=%rel_root_dir%\bin
@set lib_dir=%rel_root_dir%\lib
@set data_dir=%rel_root_dir%\data
@set emqx_conf=%etc_dir%\emqx.conf
@@ -49,7 +50,6 @@
@set werl="%bindir%\werl.exe"
@set erl_exe="%bindir%\erl.exe"
@set nodetool="%rel_root_dir%\bin\nodetool"
@set cuttlefish="%rel_root_dir%\bin\cuttlefish"

:: Extract node name from emqx.conf
@for /f "usebackq delims=\= tokens=2" %%I in (`findstr /b node\.name "%emqx_conf%"`) do @(
@@ -130,24 +130,6 @@
@goto :eof

@set create_dir_cmd=%escript% %nodetool% mnesia_dir %data_dir%\mnesia %node_name%
@for /f "delims=" %%Z in ('%%create_dir_cmd%%') do @(
set mnesia_dir=%%Z
@goto :eof

@set mergeconf_cmd=%escript% %nodetool% mergeconf %etc_dir%\emqx.conf %etc_dir%\plugins %data_dir%\configs
@for /f %%Z in ('%%mergeconf_cmd%%') do @(
set merged_app_conf=%%Z
@set gen_config_cmd=%escript% %cuttlefish% -s %rel_dir%\schema -c %merged_app_conf% -d %data_dir%\configs generate
@for /f "delims=" %%A in ('%%gen_config_cmd%%') do @(
set generated_config_args=%%A
@goto :eof

:: set boot_script variable
@if exist "%rel_dir%\%rel_name%.boot" (
@@ -178,12 +160,12 @@
@if "" == "%2" (
:: Install the service
set args=%erl_opts% -setcookie %node_cookie% ++ -rootdir \"%rootdir%\"
set start_erl=%erts_dir%\bin\start_erl.exe
set description=EMQ-2.0 node %node_name% in %rootdir%
%erlsrv% add %service_name% %node_type% "%node_name%" -c "%description%" ^
-w "%rootdir%" -m "%start_erl%" -args "%args%" ^
-stopaction "init:stop()."
set description=EMQX-3.1 node %node_name% in %rootdir%
sc create %service_name%
binpath= "%bin_dir%\emqx.cmd start"^
DisplayName = "emqx_3.1"^
start = auto
sc description "emqx 3.1" %description%
) else (
:: relup and reldown
goto relup
@@ -192,21 +174,18 @@

:: Uninstall the Windows service
@%erlsrv% remove %service_name%
@%epmd% -kill
sc delete %service_name%
@goto :eof

:: Start the Windows service
:: window service?
:: @%erlsrv% start %service_name%
@call :create_mnesia_dir
@call :generate_app_config
@set args=-detached %sys_config% %args_file% %generated_config_args% -mnesia dir '%mnesia_dir%'
@echo off
cd /d %rel_root_dir%
@echo on
@start "%rel_name%" %werl% -boot "%boot_script%" %args%
@set vm_args="-args_file etc/vm.args"
@start "%rel_name%" %werl% -boot "%boot_script%" -detached "%vm_args%"
@goto :eof

:: Stop the Windows service
@@ -230,13 +209,11 @@ cd /d %rel_root_dir%

:: Start a console
@call :create_mnesia_dir
@call :generate_app_config
@set args=%sys_config% %args_file% %generated_config_args% -mnesia dir '%mnesia_dir%'
@echo off
cd /d %rel_root_dir%
@echo on
@start "bin\%rel_name% console" %werl% -boot "%boot_script%" %args%
@set vm_args="-args_file etc/vm.args"
@start "bin\%rel_name% console" %werl% -boot "%boot_script%" "%vm_args%"
@goto :eof

:: Ping the running node
@@ -260,4 +237,3 @@ cd /d %rel_root_dir%
@set %1=%2
@goto :eof

@@ -80,6 +80,7 @@
{template, "bin/emqx_ctl.cmd", "bin/emqx_ctl.cmd"},
{copy, "rel/conf/plugins", "etc/"},
{copy, "deps/emqx/etc/certs", "etc/"},
{copy, "deps/emqx/etc/vm.args", "etc/"},
{template, "rel/conf/emqx.conf", "etc/emqx.conf"},
{template, "rel/conf/ssl_dist.conf", "etc/ssl_dist.conf"},
{template, "rel/conf/plugins/emqx_coap.conf", "etc/plugins/emqx_coap.conf"},

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