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Customized Server Side Processing (SSP) Class For Datatables Library
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Customized SSP Class For Datatables Library

SSP is a Server Side Processing class for Datatables Library v1.10.0. I have customized it for include JOIN, Extra condition and Rename acceptance within query.

While using Datatables with complex query, I faced problem like these

  • Get Data from Multiple table not supported via Joining.
  • Extra Where, except filtering was not possible.
  • During work on Multiple Table, to avoid Duplicate key was not possible.

So due to allow complex query, I have changed the SSP class like my own. What i made changes are

  • I have added option to ADD JOIN Query and make necessary changes.
  • I have changed Column ARRAY format to handle get data from multiple table. Add TWO new index for complex query handle.
  • Add Extra Where condition through SSP Class.
  • You can Group by the result via sending Query through simple function of SSP Class.
  • You can use Having as well same like Group By

New formatted COLUMN Array

$columns = array(
    array( 'db' => '`c`.`id`',       'dt' => 0, 'field' => 'id' ),
    array( 'db' => '`c`.`login`',    'dt' => 1  'field' => 'login' ),
    array( 'db' => '`c`.`password`', 'dt' => 2, 'field' => 'password' ),
    array( 'db' => '`c`.`name`',     'dt' => 3, 'field' => 'client_name', 'as' => 'client_name' ),
    array( 'db' => '`cn`.`name`',    'dt' => 4, 'field' => 'currency_name','as' => 'currency_name' )

    array( 'db' => '`c`.`id_client`', 'dt' => 5, 'formatter' => function( $d, $row ) {
                return '<a href="EDIT_URL"><span class="label label-inverse"><i class="fa fa-edit"></i> Edit</span></a>';},
            'field' => 'id_client' )

How to Use

$joinQuery = "FROM `{$table}` AS `c` LEFT JOIN `currency_names` AS `cn` ON (`cn`.`id` = `c`.`id_currency`)";
$extraCondition = "`id_client`=".$ID_CLIENT_VALUE;

echo json_encode(
       SSP::simple( $_GET, $sql_details, $table, $primaryKey, $columns, $joinQuery, $extraCondition)

I have described the changes at My personal blog. You can also check there to see details.

Hope it will help... Thanks

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