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Deutschbot is a discord/steem bot curators content in the steem blockchain.


Make sure you have created a virtual environment with python3.6 venv. It's not required for bot to work, however it's highly suggested.

$ git clone
$ cd deutschbot
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ cd communitybot
$ vim # edit accordingly


1. Discord Bot

Make sure you have edited

  • DB_CONNECTION_URI (Compatible w/ databases dataset supports.

in the

To run it:

$ python --run discordbot

Bot commands

$help - Display this help message.
$blacklist - Blacklists a user, or removes them from the blacklist; Usage: $blacklist add username or $blacklist remove username
$curators - Puts users in the list of curators, or removes them; Usage: $curators add username or $curators remove username
$threshold - Regulate the threshold for the bot. $threshold set 100 to set it or $threshold get to current value. to trigger. 100 = 1% VP

Adding authorized users to bot

This can be done via command line.

$ python --add-discord-user emre#9263

Make sure you include the discord ID.

2. Curator Bot


First, make you sure you have edit:

  • TAGS

in the

$ python --run curate

This will start listening transactions on the network. If a trusted curator votes on something, bot will calculate a score and if the score is greater then the threshold, it will upvote the post.

After upvoting, it will also post to discord about it.

Starting from a specific block

By default, curator bot will start listening from the last block generated. If you need to start it from a specific block height, you should run the bot as:

$python  --run curate --start-block 12312333