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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import print_function
from operator import itemgetter
import re
from .parsers.ssh_config_parser import ConfigParser
from .defaults import get_default
__version__ = '0.6.5'
"already_in": "{0} is already in your sshconfig. use storm edit or storm update to modify.",
"not_found": "{0} doesn\'t exists in your sshconfig. use storm add command to add.",
class Storm(object):
def __init__(self, ssh_config_file=None):
self.ssh_config = ConfigParser(ssh_config_file)
self.defaults = self.ssh_config.defaults
def add_entry(self, name, host, user, port, id_file, custom_options=[]):
if self.is_host_in(name):
raise ValueError(ERRORS["already_in"].format(name))
options = self.get_options(host, user, port, id_file, custom_options)
self.ssh_config.add_host(name, options)
return True
def clone_entry(self, name, clone_name):
host = self.is_host_in(name, return_match=True)
if not host:
raise ValueError(ERRORS["not_found"].format(name))
# check if an entry with the clone name already exists
if name == clone_name or self.is_host_in(clone_name, return_match=True) is not None:
raise ValueError(ERRORS["already_in"].format(clone_name))
self.ssh_config.add_host(clone_name, host.get('options'))
return True
def edit_entry(self, name, host, user, port, id_file, custom_options=[]):
if not self.is_host_in(name):
raise ValueError(ERRORS["not_found"].format(name))
options = self.get_options(host, user, port, id_file, custom_options)
self.ssh_config.update_host(name, options, use_regex=False)
return True
def update_entry(self, name, **kwargs):
if not self.is_host_in(name, regexp_match=True):
raise ValueError(ERRORS["not_found"].format(name))
self.ssh_config.update_host(name, kwargs, use_regex=True)
return True
def delete_entry(self, name):
return True
def list_entries(self, order=False, only_servers=False):
config_data = self.ssh_config.config_data
# required for the web api.
if only_servers:
new_config_data = []
for index, value in enumerate(config_data):
if value.get("type") == 'entry' and value.get("host") != '*':
config_data = new_config_data
if order:
config_data = sorted(config_data, key=itemgetter("host"))
return config_data
def delete_all_entries(self):
return True
def search_host(self, search_string):
results = self.ssh_config.search_host(search_string)
formatted_results = []
for host_entry in results:
formatted_results.append(" {0} -> {1}@{2}:{3}\n".format(
host_entry.get("options").get("user", get_default("user", self.defaults)),
host_entry.get("options").get("hostname", "[hostname_not_specified]"),
host_entry.get("options").get("port", get_default("port", self.defaults)),
return formatted_results
def get_options(self, host, user, port, id_file, custom_options):
options = {
'hostname': host,
'user': user,
'port': port,
if id_file:
'identityfile': id_file,
if len(custom_options) > 0:
for custom_option in custom_options:
if '=' in custom_option:
key, value = custom_option.split("=")
key.lower() : value,
return options
def is_host_in(self, host, return_match = False, regexp_match=False):
for host_ in self.ssh_config.config_data:
if host_.get("host") == host or (regexp_match and re.match(host, host_.get("host"))):
return True if not return_match else host_
return False if not return_match else None
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