A bot rewards specific tags on Steem blockchain
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Tagbot is a upvote bot, upvotes posts with a specific tag based on pre-defined parameters. It has a couple use cases, for example:

  • Voting for photography tag to support photographers
  • Voting for local tags (tr, deutsch, etc.) to support local content creators
  • Voting for the "utopian-io" tag to support developers



$ (sudo) pip install steem_tagbot

Do that in a python3.6 virtual environment and it will install all the requirements.


$ POSTING_KEY=private_posting_key tagbot /path/to/config.json

Configuration is stored in JSON files. You can find an example in the repository.

Option Value
NODES A list of steem nodes to connect
BOT_ACCOUNT Bot account to vote
TAGS Target tags to upvote posts
MINIMUM_VP_TO_START Bot should sleep until this VP is generated
VOTE_WEIGHT Vote weight for every upvote (in percent)
VOTE_COUNT How many votes should be casted in each voting round
MINIMUM_AUTHOR_REP Ignore authors with low reputation
BLACKLIST A list of authors to ignore
TAG_BLACKLIST A list of authors to ignore
APP_WHITELIST Only vote posts posted from a specified platform
MINIMUM_POST_AGE Minimum post age in hours
MAXIMUM_POST_REWARDS Skip posts earned more than $N rewards
VOTE_INTERVAL_IN_DAYS Set it to 3, and one author don't get any rewards more than one in 3 days.
TRUSTED_ACCOUNTS If these accounts flagged a post, it will be skipped for the bot upvote.