Get BloomSky data and convert to a json format that can be used by pymultimonaprs
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What is this?

This little script grabs environment data from BloomSky weather systems and creates a json file to be read by pymultimonaprs project.


The only dependency is the requests library. You can automatically install using pip

pip install -r requirements.txt


You need to create a config.json file. An example is provided here

Also the script supports two switches:

--config : config.json location (The default is config.json in the same directory as the script)

--output : Where to spit out the pymultimonaprs weather.json file. (The default is the same directory as the script)


python ./ --config /etc/bloomsky.config.json --output /tmp/weather.json

See Also

I have no affiliations with BloomSky...