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Cpu Scheduling Algorithm Made on Linux and Base on C
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Hi! I'm Emre TUFEKCI this project made for Cyprus International University Operating Systems Course. By Following this tutorial you can reach how can you use this project on your machine.



  1. Scheduling Method
  2. Preemptive Mod
  3. Non-Preemtpive Mod
  4. Show Result
  5. End Program Detail of this menu showed below.


This project is mainly offered only source code, so for using this project you must compile it. Open Terminal and run that code.

    gcc -o <filename> cpuSchedulingAlgorithm.c 

After run this code, you should have a file with a <filename> name.

Run Application

In the terminal, you should run this code as well for using application compiled version.

./<filename> -f input.txt -o output.txt

Warning! If you don't have input.txt this project will not work correctly, however without output.txt file in your directory it will create automatically. So you just need a input.txt file.

Input.txt file usage

In input.txt file you will see as a example

-5:0:3 -4:1:2 -3:1:1 -4:2:2 -3:3:1

Burst Time Arrival Time Priority
5 0 3
4 1 3
3 1 1
4 2 2
3 3 1

Note that: You can change all values from input.txt this values are just an example

Output.txt file usage

This file is used for storage all necesary output. While using the program all results will be saved in output.txt as a open this file or Typing 4 in the main menu as a "4) Show Result" you will see the all result that you have reached.

Scheduling Method


Result Example


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