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EMREX is an electronic data exchange solution, empowering individuals to control their own student data and enable exchange across borders.


Welcome to EMREX organization on GitHub. Here you will find all the necessary information to get you started.

EMREX can be used in several ways, for example:

  • By mobile students who want a fast, secure and digital transfer of their achievement records from abroad
  • By individuals applying for education in other countries
  • By individuals who want to share their achievement records with others – future potential employers etc.

Available repositories:

  • ELMO Schemas contains the ELMO XML schemas.

  • Standard repository contains all of the information related to the EMREX standard as well as extensive documentation

  • Implementation Guide repository contains step by step instructions for implementers.

  • Presentations repository contans meeting and workship materials fo past years.

  • Demos repository contains available demo systems.

  • Glossary hosts the terminology used in EMREX and the other repositories.

  • ELMO PESC contains the documentation related to interoperability between the ELMO and PESC data standards.

  • EMP Mockup hosts a mockup implementation of an EMP.

  • SMP contains a sample EMC implementation.


  1. ELMO Schemas

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  2. standard Public

    EMREX standard specification




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