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If folks find this fake implementation useful we could consider
shipping it as fake_emscripten.c perhaps (and add some tests),
but having it inline in the header seems messy and makes the headers
harder to read.
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* Copyright 2012 The Emscripten Authors. All rights reserved.
* Emscripten is available under two separate licenses, the MIT license and the
* University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License. Both these licenses can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#pragma once
* This file contains a few useful things for compiling C/C++ code
* with Emscripten.
* Documentation for the public APIs defined in this file must be updated in:
* site/source/docs/api_reference/emscripten.h.rst
* A prebuilt local version of the documentation is available at:
* site/build/text/docs/api_reference/emscripten.h.txt
* You can also build docs locally as HTML or other formats in site/
* An online HTML version (which may be of a different version of Emscripten)
* is up at
#include "em_asm.h"
#include "em_macros.h"
#include "em_js.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* Typedefs */
typedef short __attribute__((aligned(1))) emscripten_align1_short;
typedef long long __attribute__((aligned(4))) emscripten_align4_int64;
typedef long long __attribute__((aligned(2))) emscripten_align2_int64;
typedef long long __attribute__((aligned(1))) emscripten_align1_int64;
typedef int __attribute__((aligned(2))) emscripten_align2_int;
typedef int __attribute__((aligned(1))) emscripten_align1_int;
typedef float __attribute__((aligned(2))) emscripten_align2_float;
typedef float __attribute__((aligned(1))) emscripten_align1_float;
typedef double __attribute__((aligned(4))) emscripten_align4_double;
typedef double __attribute__((aligned(2))) emscripten_align2_double;
typedef double __attribute__((aligned(1))) emscripten_align1_double;
typedef void (*em_callback_func)(void);
typedef void (*em_arg_callback_func)(void*);
typedef void (*em_str_callback_func)(const char *);
void emscripten_run_script(const char *script);
int emscripten_run_script_int(const char *script);
char *emscripten_run_script_string(const char *script);
void emscripten_async_run_script(const char *script, int millis);
void emscripten_async_load_script(const char *script, em_callback_func onload, em_callback_func onerror);
void emscripten_set_main_loop(em_callback_func func, int fps, int simulate_infinite_loop);
#define EM_TIMING_RAF 1
int emscripten_set_main_loop_timing(int mode, int value);
void emscripten_get_main_loop_timing(int *mode, int *value);
void emscripten_set_main_loop_arg(em_arg_callback_func func, void *arg, int fps, int simulate_infinite_loop);
void emscripten_pause_main_loop(void);
void emscripten_resume_main_loop(void);
void emscripten_cancel_main_loop(void);
typedef void (*em_socket_callback)(int fd, void *userData);
typedef void (*em_socket_error_callback)(int fd, int err, const char* msg, void *userData);
void emscripten_set_socket_error_callback(void *userData, em_socket_error_callback callback);
void emscripten_set_socket_open_callback(void *userData, em_socket_callback callback);
void emscripten_set_socket_listen_callback(void *userData, em_socket_callback callback);
void emscripten_set_socket_connection_callback(void *userData, em_socket_callback callback);
void emscripten_set_socket_message_callback(void *userData, em_socket_callback callback);
void emscripten_set_socket_close_callback(void *userData, em_socket_callback callback);
void _emscripten_push_main_loop_blocker(em_arg_callback_func func, void *arg, const char *name);
void _emscripten_push_uncounted_main_loop_blocker(em_arg_callback_func func, void *arg, const char *name);
#define emscripten_push_main_loop_blocker(func, arg) \
_emscripten_push_main_loop_blocker(func, arg, #func)
#define emscripten_push_uncounted_main_loop_blocker(func, arg) \
_emscripten_push_uncounted_main_loop_blocker(func, arg, #func)
void emscripten_set_main_loop_expected_blockers(int num);
void emscripten_async_call(em_arg_callback_func func, void *arg, int millis);
void emscripten_exit_with_live_runtime(void);
void emscripten_force_exit(int status);
double emscripten_get_device_pixel_ratio(void);
char *emscripten_get_window_title();
void emscripten_set_window_title(const char *);
void emscripten_get_screen_size(int *width, int *height);
void emscripten_hide_mouse(void);
void emscripten_set_canvas_size(int width, int height) __attribute__((deprecated("This variant does not allow specifying the target canvas", "Use emscripten_set_canvas_element_size() instead")));
void emscripten_get_canvas_size(int *width, int *height, int *isFullscreen) __attribute__((deprecated("This variant does not allow specifying the target canvas", "Use emscripten_get_canvas_element_size() and emscripten_get_fullscreen_status() instead")));
double emscripten_get_now(void);
float emscripten_random(void);
// wget
void emscripten_async_wget(const char* url, const char* file, em_str_callback_func onload, em_str_callback_func onerror);
typedef void (*em_async_wget_onload_func)(void*, void*, int);
void emscripten_async_wget_data(const char* url, void *arg, em_async_wget_onload_func onload, em_arg_callback_func onerror);
typedef void (*em_async_wget2_onload_func)(unsigned, void*, const char*);
typedef void (*em_async_wget2_onstatus_func)(unsigned, void*, int);
int emscripten_async_wget2(const char* url, const char* file, const char* requesttype, const char* param, void *arg, em_async_wget2_onload_func onload, em_async_wget2_onstatus_func onerror, em_async_wget2_onstatus_func onprogress);
typedef void (*em_async_wget2_data_onload_func)(unsigned, void*, void*, unsigned);
typedef void (*em_async_wget2_data_onerror_func)(unsigned, void*, int, const char*);
typedef void (*em_async_wget2_data_onprogress_func)(unsigned, void*, int, int);
int emscripten_async_wget2_data(const char* url, const char* requesttype, const char* param, void *arg, int free, em_async_wget2_data_onload_func onload, em_async_wget2_data_onerror_func onerror, em_async_wget2_data_onprogress_func onprogress);
void emscripten_async_wget2_abort(int handle);
// wget "sync"
void emscripten_wget(const char* url, const char* file);
void emscripten_wget_data(const char* url, void** pbuffer, int* pnum, int *perror);
// IDB
void emscripten_idb_async_load(const char *db_name, const char *file_id, void* arg, em_async_wget_onload_func onload, em_arg_callback_func onerror);
void emscripten_idb_async_store(const char *db_name, const char *file_id, void* ptr, int num, void* arg, em_arg_callback_func onstore, em_arg_callback_func onerror);
void emscripten_idb_async_delete(const char *db_name, const char *file_id, void* arg, em_arg_callback_func ondelete, em_arg_callback_func onerror);
typedef void (*em_idb_exists_func)(void*, int);
void emscripten_idb_async_exists(const char *db_name, const char *file_id, void* arg, em_idb_exists_func oncheck, em_arg_callback_func onerror);
// IDB "sync"
void emscripten_idb_load(const char *db_name, const char *file_id, void** pbuffer, int* pnum, int *perror);
void emscripten_idb_store(const char *db_name, const char *file_id, void* buffer, int num, int *perror);
void emscripten_idb_delete(const char *db_name, const char *file_id, int *perror);
void emscripten_idb_exists(const char *db_name, const char *file_id, int* pexists, int *perror);
void emscripten_idb_load_blob(const char *db_name, const char *file_id, int* pblob, int *perror);
void emscripten_idb_store_blob(const char *db_name, const char *file_id, void* buffer, int num, int *perror);
void emscripten_idb_read_from_blob(int blob, int start, int num, void* buffer);
void emscripten_idb_free_blob(int blob);
// other async utilities
int emscripten_run_preload_plugins(const char* file, em_str_callback_func onload, em_str_callback_func onerror);
typedef void (*em_run_preload_plugins_data_onload_func)(void*, const char*);
void emscripten_run_preload_plugins_data(char* data, int size, const char *suffix, void *arg, em_run_preload_plugins_data_onload_func onload, em_arg_callback_func onerror);
void emscripten_lazy_load_code(void);
// show an error on some renamed methods
#define emscripten_async_prepare(...) _Pragma("GCC error(\"emscripten_async_prepare has been replaced by emscripten_run_preload_plugins\")")
#define emscripten_async_prepare_data(...) _Pragma("GCC error(\"emscripten_async_prepare_data has been replaced by emscripten_run_preload_plugins_data\")")
// worker APIs
typedef int worker_handle;
worker_handle emscripten_create_worker(const char *url);
void emscripten_destroy_worker(worker_handle worker);
typedef void (*em_worker_callback_func)(char*, int, void*);
void emscripten_call_worker(worker_handle worker, const char *funcname, char *data, int size, em_worker_callback_func callback, void *arg);
void emscripten_worker_respond(char *data, int size);
void emscripten_worker_respond_provisionally(char *data, int size);
int emscripten_get_worker_queue_size(worker_handle worker);
// misc.
int emscripten_get_compiler_setting(const char *name);
int emscripten_has_asyncify(void);
void emscripten_debugger(void);
// Forward declare FILE from musl libc headers to avoid needing to #include <stdio.h> from emscripten.h
struct _IO_FILE;
typedef struct _IO_FILE FILE;
char *emscripten_get_preloaded_image_data(const char *path, int *w, int *h);
char *emscripten_get_preloaded_image_data_from_FILE(FILE *file, int *w, int *h);
#define EM_LOG_CONSOLE 1
#define EM_LOG_WARN 2
#define EM_LOG_ERROR 4
#define EM_LOG_C_STACK 8
#define EM_LOG_JS_STACK 16
#define EM_LOG_DEMANGLE 32 // deprecated
#define EM_LOG_NO_PATHS 64
#define EM_LOG_FUNC_PARAMS 128
#define EM_LOG_DEBUG 256
#define EM_LOG_INFO 512
void emscripten_log(int flags, const char* format, ...);
int emscripten_get_callstack(int flags, char *out, int maxbytes);
int emscripten_print_double(double x, char *to, signed max);
typedef void (*em_scan_func)(void*, void*);
void emscripten_scan_registers(em_scan_func func);
void emscripten_scan_stack(em_scan_func func);
// Old coroutines API
// Deprecated and not available in upstream backend; use Fibers instead
typedef void * emscripten_coroutine;
emscripten_coroutine emscripten_coroutine_create(em_arg_callback_func func, void *arg, int stack_size);
int emscripten_coroutine_next(emscripten_coroutine);
void emscripten_yield(void);
/* ===================================== */
/* Internal APIs. Be careful with these. */
/* ===================================== */
void emscripten_sleep(unsigned int ms);
void emscripten_sleep_with_yield(unsigned int ms);
#ifdef __cplusplus