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wasm_opt + -g fails #8229

Beuc opened this Issue Mar 2, 2019 · 3 comments


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Beuc commented Mar 2, 2019


With 1.38.28 and -g I get the following error when linking with emcc:

Fatal: Module::addFunction: $dynCall_vi already exists
shared:ERROR: '/home/me/.emscripten_ports-incoming-renpyweb/binaryen/binaryen-version_68/bin/wasm-opt /home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/build/t/index.wasm -o /home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/build/t/index.wasm --fpcast-emu --mvp-features -g' failed (1)

Sadly I don't have a minimal test case for this.

Full compile command:

emcc /home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/build/main-renpyweb-static.bc /home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/build/importexport.bc /home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/build/pygame_sdl2-static/emscripten-static/build-temp/gen/*.o /home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/build/pygame_sdl2-static/emscripten-static/build-temp/src/*.o /home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/build/renpy/module/emscripten-static/build-temp/*.o /home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/build/renpy/module/emscripten-static/build-temp/gen/*.o \
    -L /home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/install/lib -O2 -s ASSERTIONS=1 -g /home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/build/emscripten.bc -s EMULATE_FUNCTION_POINTER_CASTS=1 -s FORCE_FILESYSTEM=1 -lpython2.7 -s USE_SDL=2 -lSDL2_image -ljpeg -lpng -lwebp -lz -s EMTERPRETIFY=1 -s EMTERPRETIFY_ASYNC=1 -s EMTERPRETIFY_WHITELIST='["_main", "_pyapp_runmain", "_SDL_WaitEvent", "_SDL_WaitEventTimeout", "_SDL_Delay", "_SDL_RenderPresent", "_GLES2_RenderPresent", "_SDL_GL_SwapWindow", "_Emscripten_GLES_SwapWindow", "_PyRun_SimpleFileExFlags", "_PyRun_FileExFlags", "_PyEval_EvalCode", "_PyEval_EvalCodeEx", "_PyEval_EvalFrameEx", "_PyCFunction_Call", "_PyObject_Call", "_fast_function", "_function_call", "_instancemethod_call", "_slot_tp_call", "___pyx_pw_11pygame_sdl2_5event_7wait", "___pyx_pw_11pygame_sdl2_7display_21flip", "___pyx_pw_11pygame_sdl2_7display_6Window_13flip", "___pyx_pf_5renpy_2gl_6gldraw_6GLDraw_30draw_screen", "___pyx_pw_5renpy_2gl_6gldraw_6GLDraw_31draw_screen", "___Pyx_PyObject_CallNoArg_*", "___pyx_pf_10emscripten_6sleep", "___pyx_pw_10emscripten_7sleep", "___pyx_pf_10emscripten_8sleep_with_yield", "___pyx_pw_10emscripten_9sleep_with_yield", "_gen_send", "_gen_send_ex", "_gen_iternext", "_type_call", "_slot_tp_init", "_PyDict_SetItem", "_PyDict_SetItemString", "_PySys_SetObject", "_PyErr_PrintEx"]' -s USE_FREETYPE=1 -lavformat -lavcodec -lavutil -lswresample -lswscale -lfribidi -lzip -s EXPORTED_FUNCTIONS='["_main", "_Py_Initialize", "_PyRun_SimpleString", "_pyapp_runmain", "_emSavegamesImport", "_emSavegamesExport"]' -s EXTRA_EXPORTED_RUNTIME_METHODS='["ccall", "cwrap"]' -s FULL_ES2=1 --shell-file renpy-shell.html --pre-js renpy-pre.js \
    -s EMTERPRETIFY_FILE=/home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/build/t/index.em \
    -o /home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/build/t/index.html

Same result with ASSERTIONS=0.


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kripken commented Mar 2, 2019

Can you send me the wasm file, even if it's not small?

If not, running with BINARYEN_PASS_DEBUG=1 in the env will print out the passes as they run, which will at least show in which pass this happens.


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Beuc commented Mar 3, 2019


Here's the end of the BINARYEN_PASS_DEBUG output:

[PassRunner] (final validation)
[PassRunner] running passes...
[PassRunner]   running pass: fpcast-emu... Fatal: Module::addFunction: $dynCall_vi already exists
shared:ERROR: '/home/me/.emscripten_ports-incoming-renpyweb/binaryen/binaryen-version_68/bin/wasm-opt /home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/build/t/index.wasm -o /home/me/workdir/emtests/renpyweb/build/t/index.wasm --fpcast-emu --mvp-features -g' failed (1)
make: *** [Makefile:277: wasm] Error 1

real	6m3,895s
user	8m44,339s
sys	0m23,119s

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kripken commented Mar 3, 2019

Thanks, yeah, it's that fpcast-emu pass that was to blame (or rather some library code it calls). Fix in WebAssembly/binaryen#1932

kripken added a commit to WebAssembly/binaryen that referenced this issue Mar 7, 2019

Don't create already-existing dynCalls (#1932)
This can happen in emscripten if we run fpcast-emu after previous passes created dynCalls already. If so, it's fine to just do nothing.

Fixes emscripten-core/emscripten#8229
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