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A Super Nintendo audio unit emulator.
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snes-apu Build Status

A Super Nintendo audio unit emulator.


This is a highly-accurate emulator for the audio portion of the Super Nintendo.

Included is an example that can play SPC files:

cargo run --example spc_player test/ferris-nu.spc

Note that you may want to run the above example in release config, as the emulator can be quite slow in debug builds.

The audio unit is made up of a few major parts:

  • A CPU (SPC700 core), which is 100% cycle-accurate
  • A DSP, which is accurate to the nearest audio sample
  • 64kb RAM
  • 3 timers
  • And some extra glue here and there to tie it all together :)


Included in the test directory are a couple of test SPC files:

Other projects consuming this library:

  • snes-apu-dbg - a Qt-based graphical debugger used in development of this library


Much of the core SMP code was baked from byuu's higan source code:

Likewise, some of the DSP code (envelopes in particular) was deep-fried from blargg's snes_spc code:

Without their awesome work, this project wouldn't exist!


This code is licensed under the BSD2 license (see LICENSE).

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