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Mednafen 1.22.0 - emu4crt - A09

emu4crt is a Mednafen emulator mod intended to be used on a system connected to a CRT screen, typically a 15kHz TV or an arcade monitor.

It brings "pixel-perfect" rendering by switching host resolution to match emulated system resolution.

  • Mednafen modules ported to emu4crt:
    • Sony Playstation
    • Sega Saturn (win64 only)
    • Nintendo NES/Famicon (snes & snes_faust)
    • Nintendo Super NES/Super Famicom
    • NEC PC Engine / PC Engine CD / SuperGrafx

Many options, meaningless in a CRT screen usage, have been removed from Mednafen in provided emu4crt builds (shaders, etc.).

  • Requirements:
    • OS: Windows 32/64bits
    • Video display: OpenGL compatible (the only Mednafen tested renderer).

emu4crt can be use in two modes:

  • Native Resolution: Same resolution as emulated system. More custom resolution are required (see below) Generates more resolution changes, which has side effects
  • Super Resolution: Requires only four 2560 pixel width resolutions. Avoid some resolution change during emulation

Required resolutions

Native resolutions

  • Columns:
256 320 352 368 512 640 704
  • Lines, for each column:

    • NTSC modes : 240 and 480 lines @ 60 Hz
    • PAL modes: 288 and 576 lines @ 50 Hz

    * -> 240 and 288 lines only

    ** -> NTSC modes only

Super Resolutions:

4 custom resolutions cover all needs for every emulated systems:
Columns Lines Frequency
NTSC 2560 240 60Hz
2560 480 60Hz
PAL 2560 288 60Hz
2560 576 60Hz

Custom resolutions can be added on Windows by using Calamity's CRT Emudriver (the best way!), Soft15Hz, Powerstrip, manufacturer drivers...

For CRT Emudriver users:

  • emu4crt_NATIVE_RESOLUTIONS.txt contains all resolution informations to be added to VMMAKER's user_modes.ini.
  • emu4crt_RESOLUTIONS_SUPER.txt

For testing pupose, emu4crt can be used with a standard PC screen and video drivers in window mode.

Configuration & usage:

To enable resolution switch, use "video.resolution_switch" parameter in mednafen.cfg configuration file:

  • video.resolution_switch native -> to use native resolution mode
  • video.resolution_switch super -> to use super resolution mode
  • video.resolution_switch 0 -> to disable resolution switch [DEFAULT MODE]

emu4crt.exe can be placed in an existing mednafen.exe directory, both can share the same configuration file and all ressource files (firmwares, savestates, etc.).

Limits and known issues:

  • The emulator does not deal with resolution refresh rate. So, to get a deterministic behavior, a resolution should only exist at the expected refresh rate (ie. no 320x240 @ 55Hz).

  • Using emu4crt, resolution switch is not seamless process as it is on a console or with other emulators. At each resolution change, some sound and graphical glitches will occur.

  • Graphical glitches can be limited by using full black Windows desktop background and taskbar hidding.

  • Windows 7 seems quicker than Windows 10 to switch resolution, at least with CRT Emudriver.

  • Emulation logic has been preserved, so, game compatibility should be same as Mednafen official release.

  • Alt+Enter usage, to switch from fullscreen to window mode can generate rendering scaling issues.

If any specific issue with emu4crt mod, of course, do not bother the Mednafen Team!

Contact forum thread:,155264.0.html


The Mednafen Team ( for... Mednafen!

CRT Emudriver's author, Calamity ( (

No$psx author, Martin Korth for publishing PSX GPU documentation.

hotdog963al for his PSX core horizontal centering improvement.

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