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KrossX3 KrossX3
KrossX3 and KrossX3 Memleaks and misc patches by mathew1800.
Closes Issue 477.
Closes Issue 478.

Thanks. =)
Latest commit 7598aa8 Mar 9, 2013
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WorkDir +New texture cache manager w/ O(1) find() method Jan 27, 2013
plugins Memleaks and misc patches by mathew1800. Mar 10, 2013
compiling-advanced.txt Revision changelog: Dec 17, 2010
compiling.txt Important! Updated compiling text information. O_O May 26, 2010
nullDC.sln release-build-conf:Disable STL exceptions/Disable FPU exceptions/Disa… Feb 10, 2013
running.txt Added some trivial info on building/running the thing May 9, 2010
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