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Welcome to the EmuFlight Wiki

  • EmuFlight flightcode has unique methods and characteristics.
  • Free Open-Source Software for racing and freestyle drones.
  • Provided under General Public License (GPL) for reuse and modification in any way and without Warranty of any kind.


In-Flux Defaults

Default settings as well as CLI commands have changed from one version to the next. We try to list these under the version Release-Notes. A recommended method to keep track of configurations and changes is:

  • Save both a diff all and dump all from your quads before updating.
  • Save a dump all containing defaults for each freshly flashed EmuFlight version and save such with "defaults" in the filename.

Firmware Releases

Releases can be found here: or downloaded from EmuConfigurator. Recommended to always check Release-Notes and other Details on the various versions.

Official Configuration Tool

To configure EmuFlight you should use the latest stable emuflight-configurator GUI tool (Windows/OSX/Linux) that can be found here: EmuConfigurator also has a small Wiki of it's own.

3rd party Configuration Tools

RaceDroneSoft Android Apps
SpeedyBee App
BetaFlight CLI Android App

Other Tools

Here is a few other tools that may help in the process of installing EmuFlight:

ImpulseRC Driver Fixer
STM32 Virtual COM Port Driver
CP210x USB to UART drivers
Zadig USB driver installation made easy

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