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Installing EmuFlight

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How to install EmuFlight firmware on your FC:

Using EmuFlight Configurator, select the Firmware Flasher tab and select what firmware to flash in one of two different ways, online or local firmware.

  1. Load online firmware.
    Select Target and Version in the upper left corner. Press "Load Firmware [Online]", lower right part of the screen.
  2. Load local firmware.
    Press the "Load firmware [Local]" button, you can now browse to the folder you have the local EmuFlight firmware file. Select the correct firmware hex-file matching your Flight Controller.

Leaving all options unchecked ** (defaults) press "Flash firmware". The Configuration tool should now erase the target and flash the selected firmware to your Flight controller. All this assumes you have the correct drivers etc setup correctly, read further on for details.

Helio Spring/Strix F10

A extra few steps are needed in the case of the Helio Spring and Strix F10 boards after flashing the firmware in the steps above.

  1. Download The IMU-F Updater Tool and extract the contents of the zip file to your computer.
  2. Open the .exe file
  3. Type or select COM port and hit Connect, you should be presented with information on the board and IMU-F version.

  1. Download the latest IMU-F firmware then hit Select firmware

  1. Leave 'Original HELIO Firmware' unchecked and hit Flash Firmware.

  1. You should be presented with the status text on the left updating. Wait until this is finished and a prompt will appear stating that you have been disconnected from the port. Hit OK and the Updater will close automatically.

Congratulations! You have updated your IMU-F firmware


If you are having trouble connecting to your flight controller, please take a look at this video:

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