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@emukidid emukidid released this Oct 31, 2019

6 years later CleanRip is back with a much needed update to address some issues - most of the changes are from other contributors which is nice to see :)

DAT files are hosted on and CleanRip can automatically download these from a Wii but failing that, grab the files from or from the Releases page here.

Changes in this release:

  • Fix crash on verify disk and other minor fixes (@ac90b671 / @mrahm)
  • Fix DAT downloading issue (Wii DAT is > 1MB) (@ThadHouse)
  • Add SD2SP2 (GameCube Serial Port 2) support (@ThadHouse)
  • Add Datel disc dumping support (@greyrogue)
  • Fix build issues/warnings with latest devKitPPC (@spycrab & @emukidid)
  • Disable DAT downloading from GameCube (no DNS support) (@emukidid)
  • Fix message prompts not appearing (@emukidid)
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