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@Extrems Extrems released this Mar 13, 2020 · 3 commits to master since this release

A bug that appeared in v0.4r775 preventing Game Boy Interface presets from working has been fixed.
Some interface rendering tweaks have been done, and using Swiss as igr.dol should now work again.
Compatibility with 10-15 years old Kingston SD cards has been fixed through a libOGC patch.

@Extrems committed:

  • Trigger IGR on game crash.
  • Add __OSBootDolSimple signature found in Kururin Squash!
  • Don't setup progressive scan for BS2 NTSC Revision 1.0.
  • Use point sampling for upscaling banners.
  • Fix UI projection matrix.
  • Improve text downscaling quality.
  • Apply pixel center fix.
  • Fix crash when igr.dol overlap critical section of game executable.
  • Fix .dol+cli files.
  • Code space optimizations.
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@Extrems Extrems released this Mar 6, 2020 · 10 commits to master since this release

For this release, @cristofercruz has kindly contributed a new interface theme. We hope you'll like it.

A new fastboot apploader has been introduced. Users with an optical drive emulator can now enjoy near-instant access to Swiss. You can use the boot through IPL feature to bring back the boot animation when loading games.

Patching certain late EA titles with non-stripped ELF binaries has been fixed.

The music in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean has been fixed for devices using full DI emulation.

To commemorate these changes, we've bumped the version number to 0.5.

@cristofercruz committed:

  • Correct highlight button image dimensions to 4x4, raise menu bar slightly, adjust spacing between menu bar and file browser.
  • Updated file type image templates.
  • Updated interface images for backdrop, file type and menu buttons. Minor tweaks to text positions.
  • Remove redundant condition.
  • Split cli and dcp reading to allow loading arguments from both.

@emukidid committed:

  • Bump version to 0.5
  • Update BNR credits
  • Add patreon supporters list to credits

@Extrems committed:

  • Patch DVDGetTransferredSize.
  • Only read portion of ELFs we care about.
  • Don't use compressed DOL for ISOs.
  • Update apploader build date.
  • Force IPL menu on exit.
  • Use new fastboot apploader.
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@Extrems Extrems released this Feb 27, 2020 · 18 commits to master since this release

Cleaning up the mess from the previous release, the Wiikey Fusion should now work better than ever, including 2-disc support.

A long-standing bug causing crashes with DVD/GCLoader and patch fragments has been fixed.

There's now the option of booting games through the GameCube Main Menu. This feature has some issues still, but it mostly work. Current game settings apply, so it can be seen in progressive scan.

@EBLeifEricson committed:

  • Added check of SP2 slot for cheats when on a different device

@Extrems committed:

  • Add exception for PAL games booted through IPL.
  • Show disc number when other disc has been found.
  • Generalize text encoding patch for early SDK.
  • Remove debug log spam.
  • Add text encoding patch for BS2.
  • Add region patch for BS2.
  • Add video patches for BS2.
  • Port Wiikey Fusion over to the new patches.
  • Add boot through IPL feature.
  • Rewrite workaround for CPU lockup on EFB Z peek during a copy operation.
  • Fix DVD read starting in the alignment for a previous patched file.
  • Don't allocate audio streaming buffer for new patches.
  • Reimplement DVD-R spin-up.
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@Extrems Extrems released this Feb 15, 2020 · 31 commits to master since this release

DVD/GCLoader have been ported over to the new read patches, and all games are now treated as potentially reloading. This allow certain games, most famously XIII, to be played in progressive scan using an original/backup disc or GCLoader, and also allow other patches to persist across resets. An SD Card Adapter is required for this to function.

If you had disabled the new read patches before, these will be reset to enabled. The option to disable them has been replaced with a more succinct "Emulate Audio Streaming" option. This should also fix cases where they've been inadvertently disabled by the last release. This option only take hold for SD Card Adapters and IDE-EXI.

@Extrems committed:

  • Fix comparison with falsely flagged audio streaming.
  • Save and compare disc header.
  • Port DVD/GCLoader over to the new patches.
  • Hide .nkit.iso extension.
  • Hide swiss_patches directory upon creation.
  • Implement sync ioctl.
  • Check other file attributes of existing patch fragments.
  • Change "Alternate Read Patches" option for a "Emulate Audio Streaming" option.
  • Simply enable interrupts and call OSResetSystem.
  • Hijack current thread to call OSResetSystem.
  • Patch EXIDetach.
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@emukidid emukidid released this Jan 30, 2020 · 41 commits to master since this release

In this release, I've added a new, more game oriented File Browser type which can be enabled via the General Settings screen. The ability to configure network options within Swiss itself is now possible too (not for SMB yet). Additionally, default game settings should now apply on games that have never had their config saved before too, there'll be some more work in the future regarding being able to default specific options, since the current default is more a "settings template for new games". @Extrems fixed SD initialisation issues with some additional commits in libOGC to back the changes.

@emukidid committed:

  • Tidy up last commit
  • Fix issue #301, tidy up some unused warnings
  • Display bba_ip on info screen if initialized
  • Fix GCLoader device name
  • New optional file browser targeted at GCM files
  • Push WIP text entry for certain settings
  • Fix default game settings for new entries

@Extrems committed:

  • Adjust for libOGC changes.
  • Add auto speed downgrade.
  • Make use of EXILock with SD Gecko and IDE-EXI.
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@Extrems Extrems released this Feb 2, 2020 · 41 commits to master since this release

An issue preventing an SD card on Serial Port 2 to be detected, or making it run at a slower speed, was discovered.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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@Extrems Extrems released this Jan 11, 2020 · 50 commits to master since this release

For this release, while I mostly focused on the Broadband Adapter, the way in-game reset work in the new read patches has changed. @emukidid worked on improving file browsing speed.

@emukidid committed:

  • Make less calls when reading banner data, standardise it with a struct
  • Fix banner description display when carriage return is present
  • Fix read/size issue when banner is at the end of the file

@Extrems committed:

  • Make use of EXILock callback for transmit.
  • Make use of __OSMaskInterrupts/__OSUnmaskInterrupts.
  • Change IGR to call OSResetSystem in idle thread.
  • Fix another cause of missed interrupts.
  • Don't trap reset button if not using IGR.
  • Find __OSUnhandledException and put it in our table.
  • Reuse __OSInitSystemCall to install a jump table.
  • Smooth things out with the Broadband Adapter.
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@Extrems Extrems released this Jan 3, 2020 · 60 commits to master since this release

It's time to upend compatibility and performance again.

This release fixes certain edge cases that couldn't be seen with the Broadband Adapter (File Service Protocol), where most game testing occurs.

While there may be regressions, there is no turning back.

@emukidid committed:

  • Avoid NKit message on WODE entries by setting entry size to DISC_SIZE

@Extrems committed:

  • Fix issues with timer 2+.
  • Fix FAT disk status.
  • Remove signatures that are no longer needed.
  • Add signatures found in 007: Everything or Nothing.
  • Change identification method for GCLoader.
  • Set second disc first as a workaround for a firmware bug.
  • Other minor corrections for GCLoader.
  • Refactor read scheduling.
  • Do our own scheduling.
  • Remove workaround for race hazard in Luigi's Mansion.
  • Remove game-specific patch for Viewtiful Joe (Europe).
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@Extrems Extrems released this Dec 27, 2019 · 68 commits to master since this release

  • Fix regression with Wiikey Fusion.
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@Extrems Extrems released this Dec 27, 2019 · 69 commits to master since this release

I guess I'll just release at my own pace now.

This release frees you from arbitrary file naming conventions for 2-disc games.

@emukidid committed:

  • Update gcloader.png to final

@Extrems committed:

  • Find second disc through the metadata cache.
  • Don't load stale patch fragments.
  • Fix igr.dol without patch fragments.
  • Fix fragments list handling.
  • Skip duplicates of default DOL.
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