@emukidid emukidid released this Nov 27, 2018 · 56 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Various changes, mostly video mode (1080i) forcing related.
Preliminary igr.dol support if found at the root of the config device/root device.

Full commit messages below.
@emukidid commits:

  • Clean up dvd queue read code
  • DVD interrupts shouldn't happen immediately
  • Remove all mentions of execD.img patching now that we show patched files for direct boot anyway
  • Implement igr.dol support (WIP)

@Extrems commits:

  • Add force horizontal scale.
  • Replace non-functional 960/1152i with functional 1080i.
  • Improve field rendering.
  • Replace GXSetViewport with fixed version.
  • Improve 1080i compatibility.
  • Some refactoring.
  • Support GXSetViewportJitter D.
  • Improve 1080i compatibility overall.
  • Improve PAL 60Hz forcing.
  • Allow force vertical filter in 1080i.
  • Support video mode forcing for Batman: Vengeance.