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@Extrems Extrems released this Jan 3, 2020 · 12 commits to master since this release

It's time to upend compatibility and performance again.

This release fixes certain edge cases that couldn't be seen with the Broadband Adapter (File Service Protocol), where most game testing occurs.

While there may be regressions, there is no turning back.

@emukidid committed:

  • Avoid NKit message on WODE entries by setting entry size to DISC_SIZE

@Extrems committed:

  • Fix issues with timer 2+.
  • Fix FAT disk status.
  • Remove signatures that are no longer needed.
  • Add signatures found in 007: Everything or Nothing.
  • Change identification method for GCLoader.
  • Set second disc first as a workaround for a firmware bug.
  • Other minor corrections for GCLoader.
  • Refactor read scheduling.
  • Do our own scheduling.
  • Remove workaround for race hazard in Luigi's Mansion.
  • Remove game-specific patch for Viewtiful Joe (Europe).
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